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    Jun 3, 2012
    [Fancam] Stella Cornelia - I Will Fly @ JKT48 Handshake Festival


    [Fancam] Sendy Ariani - The Power of Love @ JKT48 Handshake Festival


    [Fancam] Della Delila - Lidya Maulida - Apalah Arti Menunggu @ JKT48 Handshake Festival


    credit to uploaders
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    Sep 11, 2012
    Depok,Jakarta,Palu [Indonesia]
    hai zakky, i want that ticket.can you give it to me please hehehe. :inlove:
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    Apr 7, 2013
    Makassar Indonesia
    Let me give my field report on the handshake event.

    Quite long (No, very long) (No, VERY LONG, as in 13k characters) , so please, bear with me.

    I apologize for any mistakes in english or something inaccurate.

    I arrived at Epicentrum Walk at 9am. Right from the start, I lined at the CD selling queue. Met a girl who became my new friend. Behind me, two little girls were lining for the HS ticket too. One looking for Delima's hs tickets, one for.. um... Yupi? I cannot remember. From there, I can see someone, a staff, running around from booth to booth, merchandise shop to cd selling, and talking in English. She is Mifumi Kato, the new Japanese staff.

    As I lined, photopack selling started already, before 10 AM. I asked someone (brother of the girl that lined in front of me). Got Achan, Gaby, Lidya, Shafa, Hanna. Traded my Lidya for Haruka, purchased Nyash PP, traded Achan and Haruka PPs for Novi and Octi's.

    The line starts moving at 10 AM. Arriving there, I was disappointed that you can only buy the tickets for the current handshake session. That means I can only buy 2 tickets. Got two tickets, one each for Nyash and Stella.

    Let's just skip to the handshake right away.

    I lined at Stella's HS booth (2nd from the front). I already saw mbak Mifumi again, walking to each ticket checking booth to make sure everything is alright. The line moved after Stella came.

    She wore a BEAUTIFUL white kebaya. Pretty much WOW.

    Me (M) : Hello kak!
    Stella (S) : Hello!
    M : Ah.. You graduated, kak.. I'm sad..
    S : Yeah..
    M : Kak, lots of fans from Makassar said hi!
    S : Say hi for them from me too~ What's your name?
    M : Rahmat (NOTE : I can't say R clearly, just like nabilah, and the stage is a little bit loud)
    S : Can you say that again?
    Repeat last two lines two times.
    *Guard pushes*
    M : I still have tickets for later, kak. See you~
    S : Oh, that's good. See you later!

    As I go away from the booth, I can still heard kak asking to the booth security "What is his name again? I can't hear it clearly"
    That made my life better.

    Next. Diasta's line. SIX tickets for this one. My ultimate oshimen.

    She wore a cute pink dress and a pink ribbon at her head. Can see her face powder clearly, due to her darker-than-other-member skin.

    M : Halo kak!
    Diasta (D) : Hello! What is your name?
    M : Rahmat (again, R letter curse)
    D : yeah?
    repeat 2nd from last line.
    M : I'm from Makassar, looks quite far, isn't it..
    D : Yeah, really far.
    M : Kak, you know the 'Sketsa oshi' clothes that you sold? I got my friends to purchase it for me, but I lost it :wah: :wah:
    D : Aw.. They still sell it now?
    M : Not anymore.. :wah: :wah:
    D : Aw.. that's too bad..
    M : How's your college, kak?
    D : It's going well, but you know, kinda long,, because TA (Final Test or some sort) is, you know, long.
    M : Oh, good then. I'm going to face UN next year, please pray for me!
    D : Of course

    *guard pushes*

    Here is the quite fun part.

    M : Mas.. I got six tickets here.
    D : Yeah mas, it's not one minute yet.. (While holding my right hand being pushed by the security)
    Guard : *points at himself, kinda saying that it's his authority*
    M : Not yet, mas.
    D : Yeah, please wait..
    Security keeps pushing
    M : Maaaaas... *with whiny kid-like tone*
    D : Maaaaas... *with the EXACT tone*
    M : So.. Bye bye then..
    D : Yeah.. *Hands stickers*
    M : Bye!
    D : Bye!

    Went to Starbucks, unknown_gothic (Jo) is actually there lol, he's in front of the cashier (he's there, niz). Went up, met Pitra, Mario, and folks. Also met Niza.

    2nd session. Novi's line.


    M : Excuse me mas, did you see a paper with unused tickets in it?
    Security : Please look inside, but fast, the next session is starting.

    *enters the booth and looks at the papers on the floor*
    *guard holds THAT EXACT ticket*
    M : Mas, it's mine!
    G : It's yours? Take it.

    God, that is so.. Imagine if I lost that ticket. I might have lost an equivalent of 300k IDR

    Okay. Lined at Novi's. Daydreamerzz (from now on, I will call her Niza, Deniza, or *provokes her mad response* 'beb') just went out from the line. She said Novi scolded her for lying [hehe] [hehe]

    Booth entered.
    Hand grabbed.

    M : Hello!
    Novi (N): Hello! What's your name?'
    M : Rahmat, from Makassar.
    N : Hold on.. Your twitter is.. followIndoPr0, isn't it?
    M : *screams a bit* WOW you remembered it kak..
    N : Eh, what's your name again?
    M : Rahmat, kak.
    N : Where did you stay here?
    M : Yeah, you know, somewhere near. Finally, I came here..
    N : Finally..
    M : Kak, what semester are you in college right now?
    N : Me? I'm just in my 1st semester..
    M : Oh.. I'm preparing for UN..
    N : Oh, so you're on your senior year? (Jadi kamu udah kelas tiga ya?)
    M : Yeah, so.. So i need to get my spirits up for UN.
    N : Eh, you're the one who always got pranked (dikerjain) by Deniza or you're the one pranking her?
    M : Both.. We're both pranking each other.
    N : So, both of you.. Eh, so you know each other?
    M : Yes, of course.
    *guard pushes*
    N : Okay then, see you later! Bye! *hands stickers*
    M : Okay! Bye!

    (This is quite longer than what you think)

    Next, Shafa's lane. One ticket is in hand for her. The stage is currently ablaze with beby's UZA dance cover.
    Shafa looked great, sadly i can't remember what she wore.

    Shafa (F) : Hello!
    M : Hello!
    F : Where are you from?
    M : Makassar. Eh kak, I'm facing UN next year, please pray for me, okay?
    F : Okay... Hey, Your UN is next year.. You got permission to come here from your parents?
    M : Of course!
    F : Any other fans coming from makassar?
    M : Yes. There's some fans coming for today.
    F : Do you go here together from makassar?
    M : No.. Because they're college students and workers so they can ask easily for 'cuti', while I have school at Saturday.

    OK, this HS is longer than expected. FAR LONGER than expected.

    F : And will you go home together?
    M : Hmm.. Probably. I haven't checked their flight tickets yet..
    F : Oh ok then. Say hi from me to the fans at Makassar! Oh, also for your mom (damn gurl)
    M : Okay.
    F : Have you tried our foods at the booth?
    M : Yes (LIES)
    F : How's the food?
    M : Quite good (LIES)
    *guard pushes*
    *Shafa gives LOTS of stickers*
    F : See you later, then! Bye!
    M : Bye!

    She gave me ten stickers.

    Rica line. 2 HS tickets.
    She wore a kimono-like top, luckily without the katana that she took a photo with at her twitter.

    Rica (R) : Hello!
    M : Hello kak! I'm from Makassar.
    R : Makassar? Wow..
    M : Kak, do you want me to send Toraja Coffee for you?
    R : Yes, Yes!
    M : I'll send it to you later, please wait!
    R : Okay!
    M : hm... (ran out of topic) How are you, kak? Healthy?
    R : Yes, healthy as always
    *guard pushes*
    M : Okay then kak, bye bye!
    R : Bye!

    Went to Starbucks, met Pitra and Angga. While waiting for Beby's HS, Novi performs. Niza went down ASAP. "What happened?" I asked the people there, not knowing initially. "Novi and Delli performing now." Went down instantly. I walked through boatload of fans while saying "Excuse me, my oshi is on stage". Both look gorgeous <3
    3rd session, Time to go to Beby's HS line.
    She made me remember Girls' Generation's Genie outfit.

    M : Hello Beby!
    Beby (B) : Hello! Where are you from?
    M : Makassar.
    B : Oohh. Your face looks like your ordinary Makassar people.
    M : is it? Eh, please come to Makassar sometimes, many are waiting!
    B : Of course! Say hi from me. Also, wait for us there.
    M : I have a friend who can't come, a girl also, you're her oshimen, she wants me to say hi from her.
    *guard pushes*
    B : Okay! Say hi from me! Bye! *gives stickers*

    God.. this is so tiring.

    I went to Starbucks to relax, get a nice ice blend, talk to the guys up there, and have a good time. Niza asked if we can eat together somewhere, so of we go to the cooking booth.
    Waiting for the food, I mentioned novi at Twitter. "@Novinta_JKT48 Nob, masak dong." (Nob, cook please.) Not long after, Novi came to the cooking booth.
    I went to buy the drinks while Niza went to get the nuggets. Gaby is at the orange juice station, bought three orange juices. I have difficulty holding the glasses.. Three glasses are not easy to hold. Went to niza's spot, Nerd_Factor (aka noise_dreams, a.k.a. Kiki) met us there. I gave him one of the juice.
    Novi insisted that she's the one making our nuggets. We got two sticks each. Niza got two, one uncooked and one burnt [hehe] when we tried to get our nuggets, all of us ( me, Novi, and Niza) stretched our hands as far as possible. Niza, due to her closer position, grabbed her nuggets, while mine fell to the ground. It made the crowd goes "Aaaaaahh". Lucky olnly the plastic hit the ground, the nugget is intact and not contaminated by the floor. Novi apologizes.

    Went straight to Stella's booth, 2 tickets ready.

    M : Hello again kak!
    S : Hello!
    M : So.. We all thank you for the two years at JKT48, we really appreciate your presence.
    S : You're welcome!
    M : Umm.. Kak, if you got time when not in JKT48 anymore, please visit Makassar when you're having your holiday, 'kay?
    S : Well, if i got the time..
    *Guard pushes*
    M : Okay then, kak. See you soon..
    S : Bye.
    M : Bye.

    After that, here is the time to get my General Handshake tickets. Purchased one Heavy Rotation cd, got Sonya PP. Also, got a stamp rally card. By getting all the stamps from sponsor booths, you get a special merchandise. (a pin ._.)
    Every booth got a different mechanism on how to get one. Pocky booth made you take a photo with the SPG, play a dart game, and if you hit the pocky box, you get a random prize, which is a box of pocky, nonetheless.
    Rohto (Oxy and Lipice) just give you the stamp, Sharp made you take a photo at the booth, IM3 made you cover KFC's dance or take a photo at the booth. If you dance, you get entered at the contest where the prize is holiday and shopping with the members. Mie Sedaap is the most annoying one, you must purchase a product worth 25k idr to get their stamp.

    General handshake time, only got time to say "Please come to Makassar, girls." to all 4.

    Session 7. Packed my belongings, already, said goodbye to people at Starbucks, traded my stamp rally card.

    Met novi on the way, while bringing the portable speaker (TOA or some sort). Asked her.
    M : Nov, do you know where is Cindy's line?
    N : I don't know..
    M : Nov, sorry, I can't stay for the live performance.
    N : Eh? Why?
    M : I need to go to the airport.
    N : when is your flight home?
    M : Tonight. I'm going to the airport after 8th session.
    N : Okay then.. Come again soon, mat! *taps hand*
    M : Okay nov, see you soon.

    Went to Cindy's line.
    She wore a white top, something on her head, and looks nice.

    M : Hello kak!
    Cindy : Hello! What's your name?
    M : Rahmat, from Makasaar.
    C : Aaah, Makassar..
    M : Yeah, please come to Makassar! Many are waiting.
    C : Of course! If there's a concert, I'll try to come.
    M : Kak, it's weird.. You're older than me, yet I'll have UN next year..
    C : UN? Wow.. Semangat ya! Don't forget to study and pray!
    M : Won't forget that.
    *guard pushes*
    M : Thank you, kak! Well.. You still have stickers?
    C: Ah, about that, sorry, I ran out of stickers..
    M : Too bad.. Bye bye!

    Instantly runs to Ghaida lane.. This is my last 3 tickets. After this, I'll go to the airport, going home.

    While on the line, I took out my video camera, asked a few people about stella's graduation.

    Arrived. at the lane.
    She wore a hat, brown tops, so ganteng.

    Ghaida (G) : Haloo!!
    M : Hello kak! Well.. I'm having UN next year..
    G : Good luck, then.
    M : Kak, when you have a concert at Makassar, please come.
    G : I came there last time (Note : June concert)
    M : Yeah, come again!
    G : Yup. Watch us! But.. If it's at the same time as your UN preparation, what will you do?
    M : Umm.. I'll try to watch.
    G : Yeah. But for now, focus on UN.
    M : Will do.
    G : *talks*
    M : *cuts* Umm.. Looks like it's farewell..
    G : Eh? Why?
    M : After this, I'll go directly to the airport. My flight is tonight.
    G : Take care, then!
    M : Eh, what are these SnK Stickers? Are you giving it?
    G : Umm..
    M : Is it a gift?
    G : Yes, it's a gift.
    M : Oh.. I thought you're giving them away.
    G : No, I'm not xD
    *guard pushes*
    G : Thank's for coming! Bye! *hands stickers*
    M : Bye!

    That marks the end of the handshake experience. I went back to Starbucks to say goodbye again to the folks, make sure nothing is left, and went to the airport ASAP.

    Okay, so, little bit bonus story :

    - After arriving at the airport waiting lounge, actually I'll be on the same plane with the kids from @Shinseki48Mks, we talked about our HS stories, the upcoming Makassar concert, etc. Three of them sat in front of me at the plane. Oh, we also took a photo after arriving.

    - When watching the stage, I walked across a japanese fan. (Da-Chi san if you read reports at JKT48 stuff) He poked me, said something in Japanese, and gave me a photopack of Haruka PPs.


    If you want something nifty, send me your email address via PM. It's something 'special'.
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    Jun 7, 2012
    what kind of special thing you are hiding, dukun?
  5. Andi Rahmat

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    Apr 7, 2013
    Makassar Indonesia
    Only way to know is to send your email, mama mich.

    Bonus :
    Insbreak has confirmed the month for JKT48's Makassar concert, titled "JKT48 Mariki'!". It will be held at February 2014. WHILE MY UN PREPARATION. God, that EO...
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    Sep 27, 2013
    It's not possible for me to search inside the entire forum for this topic so apologize if i'm actually repeating someone's topic [hi] ...

    Will the next single be Manatsu no Sounds Good? [shock] i haven't heard any of official news about the 4th single actually. Heard that this song had been sung a few times in some events, like the national HS in the previous 10th november. [nod]

    ...and still don't know if there will be any specific center or not. A friend said that Melody and Ayen appeared a lot in the front center of the formation [clap]
  7. DylanJeWe

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    Sep 27, 2013

    I'M FREAKIN JEALOUS WITH YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!! AAAAAAAAA :cute: Man your ilmu is too sakti, mbah!
  8. xzerozero

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    Jan 12, 2013
    actually, you can hear the actual conversation in his soundcloud :hehe:
  9. daydreamerzz

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    Mar 10, 2013
    In my room, writing prenlets to Nobi-chan~
    Cih, Niza this, Niza that, everybody know my name now :XD:
    You lied to Novi, I thought i was the only one doing the teasing :p
    Hahaha, a very fun day indeed, it was fun meeting ya!

    Well anyway, what's the "special" surprise mat ? :v
  10. Galaxy Red

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    Sep 15, 2013
    Recording Studio
    thanks. finally better quality. I'm surprised that seems no one had commented on this performance. seems the translation is okay, since I thought it will be really chessy if ManaGu is translated to bahasa. though I think the lyric still rather "strange" for Indonesians [sealed]
    and is it just me or Ayen's vocal was really dominating? [think]

    from the dance formation in the video I think it is our ace, Melody who take the center. she is on Atsuko position. Ayen basically just switched to the front during the dance
  11. CherryBlossom48

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    Jun 3, 2012
    Here's the lyric http://imajineshon.com/2013/11/lyrics-j ... unds-good/

    There's no announcement from official about Manatsu, but members (Ve, Ayen, Shania) confirmed their next single is Manatsu, hope JOT will make official announcement about that :XD:

    NSANDERS Kenkyuusei

    Oct 27, 2013
    thnx for the lyric link..
    but i had to say that the lyric is kinda gives you this awkward n weird feeling.. [wonder]
    well it's not like the first time its happened though..
    i dont know who wrote the lyric but it's give me the feeling that whoever made/translate it doesnt fluent with Indonesian language..either way he/she is just sucks on what he/she does.
    i think JOT should hire another lyricist/translator..
    i feel bad for the girls
  13. Tokyo pop

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    Aug 19, 2012
    Tokyo Japan
    I am a Japanese and I don't know your language at all.
    I dare say that most of AKB songs are a bit difficult to understand,we sometimes get indigestion.
    And that is what AKB48 song all about.IMHO.
  14. sakurazaki

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    Feb 1, 2012
    I think what NSANDERS meant (sorry if I'm wrong) that the translator is not fluent in Indonesian, as in s/he doesn't know the grammar of Indonesian language.

    I'm an Indonesian and there are grammar mistakes in the lyrics (which shouldn't even exist since Indonesian 'grammar' is practically non-existent), but the order of the words are simply ridiculous.
  15. oniqlo

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    Aug 1, 2013
    City of Riften
    Maybe the lyrics is still in Open Beta Testing mode, so they not officially released it :D .
    But seriously, my Jurassic period brain hardly to understand the meaning [sweat]
  16. aoihotaru

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    Apr 20, 2013
    fx Shopping Mall 4th & 7th floor
    Hemm, it's impossible if you said the lyric still in Beta testing. That's pretty much the finished lyric, if the listener were correct though. They already had the recording session, MV, so... you get my point.
    I remember the same discussion about the previous single, don't remember which one, and in the end they still used the ridiculous lyric as well.
  17. oniqlo

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    Aug 1, 2013
    City of Riften
    OK got the point, my joke not funny at all.
    Is this JKT48 Managu will have English ver too?

    NSANDERS Kenkyuusei

    Oct 27, 2013
    of course i know that akimoto yasushi is the original lyricist
    i mean the guy who usually composes the indonesian version lyrics..
    i gotta agree with that though..

    thanks dude, yes that included,, my problem is the overall lyric is weird n awkward, n the grammar problems just make it worst.

    dont worry dude,,your brain is "not that jurasic period" yet.. :D
    of course i know this song is all about love story on the beach in the summer time..
    but just like oniqlo & tokyo pop said, it's difficult to understand..
    non 48 fans n casual fans would found it harder to understand/ enjoy the song..
    that's my point, they did it again
  19. Tokyo pop

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    Aug 19, 2012
    Tokyo Japan
    Hi all,
    I see, well,what do you think about "First rabbit"or "Hebirote"? good or bad?
    Give me more information about good/bad lyrics in translation,please.I am curious about that.
  20. Galaxy Red

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    Sep 15, 2013
    Recording Studio
    Hi Tokyo pop,

    In my opinion that ridiculous lyric which they mentioned is because the translator simply translate the japanese lyric to Bahasa Literally. for me, I will take RIVER

    Japanese: ashimoto no ishi wo hitotsu hirotte gamushara ni natte nagete miro!

    Bahasa: Batu di bawah kaki, ayo ambillah satu Jadilah nekad dan coba lemparkan!

    the translation is simply correct from japanese to bahasa (I understand a little bit Japanese), but it is too literally translated, which gives weird impression to me, as an Indonesians. this taste of lyric is really unusual for Indonesians. I will not comment further on ManaGu lyric since it is not official lyric yet.

    I already enjoy japanese music for long time and I know really well that japanese lyricists often use difficult terms in their lyric. a little bit out of topic, my favorite artist is L'Arc~en~Ciel (you know right?) which is the lyrics, mainly write by hyde, sometimes really difficult to understand. even I already used to face the difficult meaning of lyrics by japanese lyricists, the RIVER lyrics in bahasa sounds weird to me

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