Alice Margarita De Leon

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Alice Margarita De Leon
Alice Margarita De Leon (2019)
First Name Alice Margarita
Middle Name Reyes
Last Name De Leon
Nickname Alice
Birth Info
Birthdate March 29, 1997  
Hometown Flag of Philippines.png Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Blood type O
Current Age 26 Years Old
Height 152cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / TikTok
Idol Career Info
Former Group MNL48
Former Team Team MII
Debuted April 2018 / 1st Generation
Graduated May 2021

Alice Margarita De Leon was the captain of MNL48's Team MII and was the general captain of MNL48.


  • Name in Japanese: アリス・マルガリタ・デレオン
  • Nickname in Japanese: アリス
  • Special skills: Imitating animal sounds, playing the guitar, and changing her voice.
  • Hobbies: Sketching, doing dance covers, and composing songs
  • Favorite books: Christian/Devotional books.
  • Favorite colors: Pink and gray.
  • Pet peeve: Picky people.
  • One thing that she can't live without: Cellphone
  • Favorite comfort food: Sinigang
  • Is one of the "Tatlogs" with Rans and Sheki.
  • Can eat a lot without getting fat.
  • Bad with geography.
  • Former member of Kawaii5.
  • Close friends with former member Trixie.
  • Is always shipped with Sheki, with fans celebrating their ship every 3rd of the month dubbed as Shelice Day.
  • Is one of the four Pillars of MNL48.
  • Prior to joining MNL48, she appeared on TV as an extra in various TV shows.



  • In April 28th, was ranked 6th in the 1st General Election and joined MNL48 as part of the group's 1st Generation.
  • On May 2nd, was promoted to Team MII (Team MII Formation).
  • On May 3rd, she was elected as Team MII's captain.
  • On May 5th, she was elected as the overall captain of the group.
  • On May 14th, had her first appearance on MNLife.
  • On May 15th, had her first appearance on MNLaugh.
  • On September 10th, had her first appearance on MNL48 i-School.
  • On September 28th, was part of the Senbatsu for MNL48's debut single Aitakatta.




  • On January 24th, appeared on I Can See Your Voice.
  • On February 20th, was ranked 11th in MNL48's 3rd General Election.
  • On March 17th, was replaced by Shekinah Arzaga as the new general captain of the group.
  • On May 21st, she announced she will graduate from the group.

MNL48 Senbatsu Election

Team History

Team MII → Graduation
Joined MNL48 on April 28, 2018 (1st Generation)
Formed Team MII on May 2, 2018
Graduated from MNL48 Team MII on May 21, 2021

Singles Participation

MNL48 A-Sides

MNL48 B-Sides

Other MNL48-related Songs


Stage Units

MNL1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Kiss wa Dame yo

Concert Units

MNL48 2nd Generation Members Team Concert: No To Oshihen!

Media Appearances

Web Shows

TV Shows

  • Wish Ko Lang! (2015)
  • Hallo Hallo Cafe (2015 - 2016)
  • Wowowin (2016)
  • It's Showtime (2018)
  • Umagang Kay Ganda (2018)
  • ASAP (2018)
  • Letters and Music (2018)
  • iWant ASAP (2019)
  • Magandang Buhay (2020)
  • I Can See Your Voice (2021)

Short Films


Alice Margarita De Leon MNL48 2nd General Election Poster (2019)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon MNL48 1st General Election Poster (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)
Alice Margarita De Leon (2018)