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Baito AKB (May 2016)

Baito AKB (バイトAKB) was a group of AKB48 members who had a part-time status within the group. The project was sponsored by the part-time job company "Baitoru".

Baito AKB Paruru Selection

Original "Paruru Selection" Baito AKB members (L-R): Shigefuji Fuyuka, Iida Yuka, Hinode Yuka

This iteration of the project started after the completion of an audition process led by Shimazaki Haruka in February 2016. This "Paruru Selection" was formed of girls selected by Shimazaki Haruka for certain AKB48-related jobs. They did not participate in Akushukai, theater performances or concerts. Three members passed the audition, but one of them left before her official debut.



# Song Single/Album
01 Hikari no Naka e LOVE TRIP / Shiawase wo Wakenasai

Baito AKB

Baito AKB's last performance (February 2015)
Original Baito AKB (October 2014)
Baito AKB unveil (September 2014)

The original announcement of the project came on August 10th, 2014. Then, on September 24th, 2014, the 53 selected applicants were announced. Between their unveiling and the start of their activities in October 2014, four members left and one new member joined the project. In total, 6 members left the project during their activities.

All members had a temporary contract that lasted from October 2014 to February 2015. These members participated in handshake events, stages, and rehearsals part-time, being paid ¥1000 per hour.

The project was coupled with a promotional campaign, song, and commercial with all Baito AKB members alongside a main AKB48 group senbatsu called Baitoru Rotation. Baito AKB members also had special events and performed in the theater as Zenza Girls.

Their first and last solo performance (Baito AKB Special Stage) at the AKB48 theater was on February 28, 2015. Original Baito AKB members got an advantage in the 2nd Draft auditions, where they were permitted to proceed straight to the 3rd round (dance and vocal audition). Some members also participated in the auditions for NGT48.

Former Members


  • Saeki Mika made her return as a Baito AKB member, after graduating from AKB48 in 2009 due to an injury.

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