Hamamatsu Riona

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Hamamatsu Riona
Hamamatsu Riona (2017)
Kanji 濵松里緒菜
Kana はままつ りおな
Romaji Hamamatsu Riona
Nickname Riona (りおな)
Birth Info
Birthdate July 28, 1995  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Tokushima, Japan
Blood type O
Current Age 28 Years Old
Height 153cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks Instagram / Instagram / TikTok / Twitter / YouTube
Idol Career Info
Former Group AKB48
Former Team Team 8
Debuted April 2014 / Team 8
Graduated July 2017

Hamamatsu Riona was a member of AKB48's Team 8, she currently the member of K-pop girlgroup PoshGirls


"はままつ"と言えば、静岡県の浜松市やけど、徳島の"はままつ"と言えば?(里緒菜) 歌とダンスが大好きな濵松里緒菜、28歳です
"Hamamatsu" to ieba, Shizuoka-ken no Hamamatsu-shi yakedo, Tokushima no "Hamamatsu" to ieba? (Riona) Uta to DANSU ga daisuki na Hamamatsu Riona, 2821-sai desu
(If I talk about "Hamamatsu", it can be Hamamatsu city from Shizuoka prefecture, but if I talk about Tokushima's Hamamatsu, it's? (Riona) A lover of music and dance, I'm Hamamatsu Riona, 28 years old)


  • Team 8 Performances: Tokushima, Hiroshima, Gunma, Miyagi
  • Hobbies: Dance, music and movie appreciation
  • Favorite seniors: Oshima Yuko, Yamamoto Sayaka
  • Likes: SNSD
  • Special skills: Having an English conversation
  • Future ambition: An entertainer who can sing and dance
  • Her full name is Riona Crystal Hamamatsu
  • She lived in Los Angeles until she was 10 years old
  • Was a model before joining AKB48
  • She is fluent in English
  • One of the 12 selected Team 8 members that performed on Cool Japan Festival at Manila, Philippines on November 7 and 8, 2015
  • One of the 12 selected Team 8 members that performed on Philippines-Japan Friendship Celebration at Manila, Philippines on December 4, 2016
  • Learnt figure skating in Los Angeles from the age of 3, but because there were no rinks in Tokushima when she returned to Japan, she started learning dance instead




  • On November 7th and 8th, performed at the Cool Japan Festival in Manila, Philippines.


  • On December 4th, performed at the Philippines-Japan Friendship Celebration in Manila, Philippines.


  • On June 6th, during a SHOWROOM live stream, announced her graduation from AKB48.
  • On July 2nd, held her last AKB48 activity and officially graduated from the group.
  • On July 5th, was one of the five finalists for the Miss Sophia contest.
  • On November 4th, during the final round of the Miss Sophia contest, was crowned the winner.


  • On August 29th, released her first solo single, Never Give Up!!.
  • On November 7th, released a repackage version of her first single, titled Never Give Up!! ~for you~.


  • On July 26th and 27th, performed her new, unreleased songs Tell Me Why and There For Me at the Japan Expo Malaysia.
  • On September 29th, performed at a charity event for physically disabled people.
  • On November 11th, was a guest on the radio show "FM Tokushima-san no FRIDAY ON LINE" FM TokushimaさんのFRIDAY ON LINE.
  • On November 16th, performed in the stage play "O-Getsu KAGURA."
  • On December 28th and 29th, performed at the EOY J-Culture festival in Singapore.



  • On April 12th, it was announced she would make her debut in Korea.
    • The agency she is affiliated with is called "No.1 Media Japan" and is a Japanese agency.
    • The majority of members are from Japan.
    • They are planning to debut in Korea in June 2021.
  • On June 29th, it was announced that PoshGirls would debut in August 2021 with a mini album.
  • On July 8th, the Japanese members of PoshGirls released their first music video called "Victory" in honor for the 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo. It can be viewed here.
  • On August 18th, PoshGirls officially debuted with the single "GotChu".
  • On November 6th, released a solo album in South Korea with tracks 'Tell me why' and 'Someday'.


  • On June 22nd, released the album "Lali:lala" as part of the PoshGirls sub-unit PoshGirls-J. This sub-unit consists of the Japanese members of PoshGirls.


  • On March 1st, PoshGirls announced their disbandment.
  • On April 6th, PoshGirls announced they would continue activities after all, using the same name, but with the Japanese members only.

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

Solo Singles

# Cover Title Release date
01 TBACover.jpg Never Give Up!! 2018.08.29
02 TBACover.jpg Tell Me Why 2020.02.01

Releases with PoshGirls

# Cover Title Release date
01 TBACover.jpg S.O.G:Songs of Goddess 2021.08.18

Team History

Team 8 → Graduation
Joined AKB48 as a Team 8 member on April 3, 2014
Graduated from AKB48 Team 8 on July 2, 2017 (Announcement: June 12, 2017)

Singles Participation

AKB48 B-Sides

Albums Participation

AKB48 Albums


Stage Units

81 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Anata to Christmas Eve
Classmate (Under)

Concert Units

Team 8 National Tour 〜47 no Suteki na Machi e〜


Media Appearances

Variety Shows

  • Mirai ☆ Monster (ミライ☆モンスター) (2014)
  • AKBINGO! (2014)

Stage Plays

  • O-Getsu KAGURA (2019)


Hamamatsu Riona (December 2016)
Hamamatsu Riona (2016) (AKB48)
Hamamatsu Riona (2016)
Hamamatsu Riona (2015)
Hamamatsu Riona (2014)
Hamamatsu Riona (2014)
Hamamatsu Riona (2014)