Ichikawa Miori

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Ichikawa Miori
Ichikawa Miori (2018)
Kanji 市川美織
Kana いちかわ みおり
Romaji Ichikawa Miori
Nickname Miorin (みおりん), Lemonchan (レモンちゃん)
Birth Info
Birthdate February 12, 1994  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Kuki City, Saitama, Japan
Blood type O ("The shape of a lemon")
Current Age 28 Years Old
Height 148cm
Professional Info
Agency Production Ogi
Social Networks Official Website / Instagram / TikTok / Twitter / YouTube
Idol Career Info
Former Group NMB48
Former Team Team N
Debuted March 2010 / AKB48 10th Generation
Graduated May 2018

Ichikawa Miori was a member of NMB48's Team N.


FURESSHU REMON ni naritai no! CHIIMU N no Ichikawa Miori desu
(I want to become a fresh lemon! I'm Team N's Ichikawa Miori)


  • Hobbies: Collecting lemon-themed goods, watching Detective Conan, lolita fashion, making cupcakes, palmistry
  • Favorite AKB48 song: Yuuhi wo Miteiru ka?
  • Favorite animal: Cat and hamster
  • Favorite foods: Lemons, ramen, nabe, baby corn
  • Favorite country: Italy
  • Favorite drink: Tea, melon soda
  • Favorite movie: Harry Potter
  • Favorite number: 2
  • Favorite sport: Volleyball
  • Special skills: Eating lemons quickly, swimming, jump rope, unicycle, headbutting
  • Good friends with: Abe Maria, Kinoshita Momoka, Oba Mina, Kato Rena, Takeuchi Miyu, Shiroma Miru, Shimada Rena, Yamao Rina
  • Future ambition: Actress
  • She is an only child.
  • Member of the now-disbanded Drama Club.
  • Due to her small size, she was called the mascot of the Melonpan Alliance and the original Team 4.
  • She was scouted by Stardust Promotion when she was in 5th grade of elementary school while walking in Harajuku with her mother.
  • She worked as a child actress and junior idol from 10 to 13 years old. Her first successful audition was for a Canon printer advertisement.
  • She was a member of the idol group Power Age when she was 12 years old. The group disbanded after one year.
  • After her former idol group Power Age disbanded, Stardust Promotion refused to renew her contract. She joined another talent agency, Box Corporation, but after two years they did not renew her contract either. She said in a 2013 interview that this period was difficult for both her and her mother, who took Miori to auditions every week and handled all of Miori's paperwork, on top of working her own job and doing housework.
  • When she passed the audition for AKB48, her previous talent agency had already made plans to dissolve Miori's contract with them. Miori had been informed two months prior, but did not have the courage to tell her mother about the agency. Instead, she told her mother about it on the same day she told her that she had been accepted into AKB48. Miori said her mother did not know if she should celebrate or be upset.
  • Her nickname (Lemon) comes from her love of lemons and her ability to eat them raw without flinching.
  • The "fresh lemon" mentioned in her catchphrase means "top idol". She was inspired after she saw a pile of lemons in the grocery store, and thought the lemon on the very top looked freshest and best.
  • When she received her concurrent position in Team N, she created a version of her catchphrase using Kansai dialect. She changed "Fresh Lemon ni naritai no!" (フレッシュレモンになりたいの!) to Kansai's "Fresh Lemon ni naritai nen!" (フレッシュレモンになりたいねん!).
  • She is known to have a small but strong head. Her special skill is headbutting others, which she demonstrated on episodes of AKBINGO!.
  • She sleeps with a stuffed Funassyi doll and takes it with her during trips.
  • She loves the color yellow and has many yellow goods.
  • Her favorite idol is Michishige Sayumi of Morning Musume.
  • Her first concert unit was as center of Nagisa no Cherry during the unit shuffle of the Surprise wa Arimasen Day 2 concert.
  • Even though she had already been an AKB48 member for 4 years, she received her first original and center song, ONEW no Uwabaki, while holding a concurrent position with Team N.
  • She, Murayama Yuiri, and Mukaichi Mion went hiking in June 2015 for an AKB48 Tabisho Shoujo episode called "Mountain Climbing Trip of Former Child Actors". The three members had all been child actors in the past.

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

AKB48 Janken Tournaments

Team History

AKB48 KenkyuuseiTeam UnknownTeam 4Team BTeam B and Team NTeam BIITeam N → Graduation
Joined AKB48 as a Kenkyuusei on March, 2010
Promoted to Team Unknown on May 30, 2011
Transferred to Team 4 on June 6, 2011
Transferred to Team B on August 24, 2012 (Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle)
Had a Concurrent Position on NMB48's Team N since April 28, 2013 (AKB48 Group Rinji Soukai) (Stage Debut: September 2, 2013) until February 24, 2014
Transferred to NMB48's Team BII on February 24, 2014 (AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri)
Transferred to Team N on January 1, 2017 (NMB48 Team Shuffle)
Graduated from NMB48 Team N on May 1, 2018 (Announcement: January 19, 2018 | Graduation Ceremony: April 3, 2018 | Last Handshake Event: April 30, 2018)

Singles Participation

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Stage Units

RS4 (Theater no Megami)
41 (Boku no Taiyou)
Idol Nante Yobanaide
Team B Waiting Stage
Kimi no C/W
N1 (Dareka no Tame ni)
N3 (Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru)
ONEW no Uwabaki
Hajimete no Hoshi
100nen Saki Demo
BII3 (Saka Agari)
Wagamama na Nagareboshi
N4 (Mokugekisha)
ONEW no Uwabaki

Concert Units

Surprise wa Arimasen

AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2011

Unit Matsuri 2012

Washington D.C. Concert

AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2012

AKB48 2013 Manatsu no Dome Tour ~Mada mada, Yaranakya Ikenai koto ga aru~

Osaka Dome

AKB48 8th Anniversary

AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2013

Unit Matsuri 2014

NMB48 National Tour

HGB Hall (Hiroshima)

AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2014

Takajo Aki and Nagao Mariya Graduation Concert

Kojimatsuri ~Kojima Haruna Kanshasai~

AKB48 Group Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2018


Media Appearances



  • Majisuka Gakuen 2 (マジスカ学園2) (2011)
  • Hanazakari no Kimitachi e〜 Ikemen☆ Paradise〜 (花ざかりの君たちへ〜イケメン☆パラダイス〜) (2011)
  • Majisuka Gakuen 3 (マジスカ学園3) (2012)

Variety Shows

Stage Plays

  • Rojiura no Yasashii Neko (路地裏の優しい猫) (2021)


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