JKT48 Acoustic 1st Anniversary Event - Happy Firstcoustic

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JKT48 Acoustic 1st Anniversary Event - Happy Firstcoustic Promotional Picture

JKT48 Acoustic 1st Anniversary Event - Happy Firstcoustic is JKT48 Acoustic's 6th Anniversary show. The event will be held at JKT48 Theater on September 11, 2018. In addition, JKT48 Dance Project and other Team KIII and J's members will appear at this event.


Kageana : Nadila Cindi Wantari

00. Overture

01. First Rabbit
02. Itsumo Nando Demo / いつも何度でも - an Oiginal Soundtrack from Ghibli "Spirited Away"
03. Iiwake Maybe (Acapella Version)

"The 1st time the JKT48 Acoustic sub-unit was inaugurated:

04. Fight Song (Rona Anggreani) - a song sung by Rachel Platten
05. All I Want (Nadila Cindi Wantari) - a song sung by Kodaline
06. Everytime (Ni Made Ayu Vania Aurellia) - a song sung by Britney Spears
07. A Million Dreams (Fransisca Saraswati Puspa Dewi) - an Oiginal Soundtrack from The Greatest Showman


08. BINGO!
09. Saka Agari

"Announcement of cover song audition winners"
  • The winner is "Cloudust".
    • Members: Ezy (Vocal), Rio (Guitar), Mahmuda (Guitar), Ryo (Bass), Rosyad (Cajon / Acapella)
  • Rewards for winners:
Collaborative Segment 
"Fans present, can take photos and videos during this segment"

10. Medley (feat. Cindy Yuvia and Shani Indira Natio


11. Only Today (feat. Maria Genoveva Natalia Desy Purnamasari Gunawan as a Bassist)


12. To be continued (feat. JKT48 Dance Project : Aninditha Rahma Cahyadi, Beby Chaesara Anadila, Natalia, Stephanie Pricilla Indarto Putri)

"JKT48 Acoustic after being inaugurated"

Birthday celebration

  • Voice Note from Tedy Wijaya (Manager Members)
  • One by one reading the letter
  • Voice Note from Annisa Pontjo (Vocal Teacher)
Thank-you Note 

13. Lantang - Original Song made by JKT48 Acoustic

  • Take a picture together
Anniversary greetings from Anji (Indonesian singer and musician known as the singer of the song "Dia") and DJ Una (Indonesian disc jockey)


Participating Members