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SGO48 has had a total of 29 original members over their 1st generation. As of December 2018, SGO48 has 28 Trainee members.

Like in AKB48, regular auditions to recruit new members are held, and the future successful candidates, the Trainee members, take part of a in-training team of members that work as sub and under for the official members in various activities (mostly the theater performances). And then, when any of the official members graduate, a girl is promoted to fill the space.

SGO48 Members

  • Bolded names indicate members, which are still active in SGO48 or one of the sister groups.
  • Italicized names indicate members with pending graduations
  • The members' pictures are of members who are still active and are listed in accordance to the alphabetical order of members in each generation.

1st Generation

HikariSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg MinxySGO48Jan2019-2.jpg MonSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg ManNghiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg NhuThaoSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg PhungNhiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg TienLinhSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg SunnySGO48Jan2019-2.jpg ThuNgaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg NiNiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg TrungDuongSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg AnhSangSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg ElenaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg SachiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg MochiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg LeTrangSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg TammySGO48Jan2019-2.jpg DONASGO48Jan2019-2.jpg CeliaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg JanieSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg TrucPhamSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg AnnaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg AshleySGO48Jan2019-2.jpg XuanCaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg KayceeSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg LinhMaiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg

  • Announced on November 17, 2018

Members (29): Châu Ngọc Đoan Thảo, Đặng Thị Huỳnh Như, Huỳnh Ngô Kim Châu, Koseki Yumi, Lê Mẫn Nghi, Lê Nguyễn Như Thảo, Lê Nguyễn Phụng Nhi, Lê Phạm Thuỷ Tiên, Lê Sunny, Lê Thị Thu Nga, Ngô Thị Cẩm Nhi, Nguyễn Hồ Trùng Dương, Nguyễn Lê Ngọc Ánh Sáng, Nguyễn Lê Thuỳ Ngọc, Nguyễn Quế Minh Hân, Nguyễn Thanh Hoàng My, Nguyễn Thị Lệ, Nguyễn Thị Minh Thư, Nguyễn Thị Nhi, Nguyễn Thị Thúy Nga, Nguyễn Trương Tường Vy, Phạm Lâm Ánh Trúc, Thái Gia Nghi, Trần Cát Tường, Trần Lý Minh Thư, Trần Nguyễn Phương Vy, Võ Ngọc Xuân Ca, Võ Phan Kim Khánh, Vương Mai Linh


Team Picture Romaji Name in Japanese Nickname Birthdate Birthplace Blood Type Age Height Agency Generation
- HikariSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Châu Ngọc Đoan Thảo チャウ・ゴック・ドアン・タオ Hikari
November 7, 1998 Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam ** 21 154cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- MinxySGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Đặng Thị Huỳnh Như ダン・ティー・フィン・ヌー Minxy
June 19, 1999 Tỉnh Tây Ninh, Vietnam ** 20 156cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- MonSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Huỳnh Ngô Kim Châu フイン・ゴー・キム・チャウ Mon
February 2, 2001 Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam ** 19 148cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- ManNghiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Lê Mẫn Nghi レ・マン・ギー Mẫn Nghi
November 25, 2005 An Giang, Vietnam ** 14 160cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- NhuThaoSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Lê Nguyễn Như Thảo レ・グエン・ヌー・タオ Như Thảo
May 15, 2000 Cần Thơ, Vietnam ** 19 168cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- PhungNhiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Lê Nguyễn Phụng Nhi レ・グエン・フウン・ニー Phụng Nhi
October 23, 2003 Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam ** 16 162cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- TienLinhSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Lê Phạm Thuỷ Tiên レ・ファン・トゥイ・ティエン Tiên Linh
April 24, 1998 Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam ** 21 162cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- SunnySGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Lê Sunny レ・サニー Sunny
October 30, 2003 Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam ** 16 162cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- ThuNgaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Lê Thị Thu Nga レ・ティー・トゥー・ガー Thu Nga
December 25, 2003 Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam ** 16 160cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- NiNiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Ngô Thị Cẩm Nhi ゴー・ティー・カム・ニー Ni Ni
August 12, 2000 Hậu Giang, Vietnam ** 19 157cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- TrungDuongSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Hồ Trùng Dương グエン・ホー・ツーン・ヅオン Trùng Dương
December 3, 1999 Bình Dương, Vietnam ** 20 155cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- AnhSangSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Lê Ngọc Ánh Sáng グエン・レ・ゴック・アン・サーン Ánh Sáng
January 13, 2006 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ** 14 162cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- ElenaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Lê Thuỳ Ngọc グエン・レ・トゥイ・ゴック Elena
February 22, 1999 Đồng Nai, Vietnam ** 21 156cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- SachiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Quế Minh Hân グエン・クエ・ミン・ハン Sachi
June 25, 2003 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ** 16 160cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- MochiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Thanh Hoàng My グエン・タイン・ホアン・ミー Mochi
May 9, 2004 Lâm Đồng, Vietnam ** 15 155cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- LeTrangSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Thị Lệ グエン・ティー・レー Lệ Trang
October 13, 2001 Bắc Ninh, Vietnam ** 18 160cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- TammySGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Thị Minh Thư グエン・ティー・ミン・トゥー Tammy
November 12, 2003 Đồng Nai, Vietnam ** 16 150cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- DONASGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Thị Nhi グエン・ティ・ニー DONA
August 18, 2001 Quảng Nam, Vietnam ** 18 158cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- CeliaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Thị Thúy Nga グエン・ティー・トゥイ・ガー Celia
August 25, 2002 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ** 17 155cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- JanieSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Nguyễn Trương Tường Vy グエン・チュオン・トゥオン・ヴィー Janie
January 3, 2002 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ** 18 162cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- TrucPhamSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Phạm Lâm Ánh Trúc ファム・ラム・アン・ツック Trúc Phạm
September 4, 1997 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ** 22 160cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- AnnaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Trần Cát Tường チャン・カット・トゥオン Anna
September 24, 2000 Bình Dương, Vietnam ** 19 158cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- AshleySGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Trần Lý Minh Thư チャン・リー・ミン・トゥー Ashley
May 23, 2000 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam ** 19 160cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- XuanCaSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Võ Ngọc Xuân Ca ヴォー・ゴック・スアン・カー Xuân Ca
September 20, 2001 Bình Thuận, Vietnam ** 18 160cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- KayceeSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Võ Phan Kim Khánh ヴォ・ファン・キム・カイン Kaycee
October 18, 1997 Vĩnh Long, Vietnam ** 22 155cm YAG Entertainment 1st
- LinhMaiSGO48Jan2019-2.jpg Vương Mai Linh ヴオン・マイ・リン Linh Mai
May 1, 1997 Nghệ An, Vietnam ** 22 160cm YAG Entertainment 1st