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The Senbatsu Election (選抜総選挙) (also known as Senbatsu Sousenkyo) is an annual event where fans can vote for their favorite member, analogous to a popularity contest. The members who receive the most votes are announced on the day of the election, but votes are submitted beforehand.

The term is primarily used to refer to AKB48's Senbatsu Election. In this election, all members of the Japan-based 48 Groups are eligible to participate. The format of the election changed throughout the years, but at the most recent election, the 80 members who had the most votes were grouped into units: Senbatsu (#1-#16), Undergirls (#17-#32), Next Girls (#33-#48), Future Girls (#49-#64) and Upcoming Girls (#65-#80). Each of those five groups released their own song and music video on the following single. To commemorate the 10th Senbatsu Election in 2018, a sixth unit called the 10th World Senbatsu General Election Commemorative Category‎ (#81-#100) was added. The "Senbatsu" unit was also rebranded as "Sekai Senbatsu" due to AKB48 groups outside of Japan being allowed to participate.

In 2019, AKB48 cancelled the Senbatsu Election, and they have not hosted the event since the announcement.

Other groups have also hosted their own Senbatsu Elections:


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