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CD Information

SNH48 1st Generation
Take Me (爱)
Release Date
2020.09.03 (Standard Edition)
2020.09.07 (Individual Member Limited Collector's Edition)
Catalog Number/Price
Label: Yongdao Star Entertainment
SNH11102972 (Standard Edition, CD)
SNH11102972 (Standard Donation Edition)
SNH11102972 (Member Individual Limited Collector's Edition, CD)

Tracklist Details

  1. Take Me (爱) / 1st Generation
  2. I Can Fly (飞翔) / Chen GuanHui
  3. Darkness Diary (天黑日记) / Chen Si
  4. Somewhere (约定之地) / Dai Meng
  5. Wo de Shijie Haiyou ni (我的世界还有你) / Kong XiaoYin
  6. Chenguang (晨光) (Japanese Ver.) / Li YuQi
  7. Meng yu Xingguang de Haishang (梦与星光的海上) / Mo Han
  8. Fuyou (蜉蝣) / Qian BeiTing
  9. Renjian Guize (人间规则) / Qiu XinYi
  10. Feixu Jiyuan (废墟纪元) / Wu ZheHan
  11. SWAN (天鹅) / Xu ChenChen
  12. +- (正负) / Zhang YuGe

Included Members

"Take Me"

1st Generation (12 Members)

"I Can Fly"

"Darkness Diary"


"Wo de Shijie Haiyou ni"

"Chenguang (Japanese ver.)"

"Meng yu Xingguang de Haishang"


"Renjian Guize"

"Feixu Jiyuan"



General Information

Take Me it's the commemorative EP of the graduation of the 1st generation of SNH48.


  • This CD is SNH48 1st Generation's graduation EP.
  • Xu JiaQi did not participate due to her THE9 contract restricitions.
  • SNH48's first release to have a song in Japanese.

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