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AKB48 Group (Japanese: AKB48グループ, Chinese: AKB48集團), also known as AKB48G, AKB Group, AKBG, 48 Groups, or 48G, is a term used to group AKB48 and its sister groups. Based on the concept of "idols you can meet", the AKB48 Group currently consists of 6 groups across Japan and 6 groups in major Asian cities overseas. The Japan-based sister groups not only release their own singles, but also perform in some AKB48 singles and events (particularly pre-2020). The sister groups outside Japan release local-language versions of AKB48 singles and some original singles.


The first group, AKB48, was formed in 2005 in Akihabara, Tokyo.

The second group and AKB48's first sister group, SKE48, was formed in 2008 with its theater in Sakae, Nagoya. After that SDN48 (2009, short for Saturday Night), NMB48 (2011, based in Namba), HKT48 (2012, based in Hakata), NGT48 (2015, based in Niigata), and STU48 (2016, based in the seven prefectures the Seto Inland Sea) were formed. SDN48 was disbanded in 2012. Refer to each group’s page for more information.

In 2011 AKB48's first sister group outside Japan, JKT48, was announced. The group is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. JKT48 was followed by another overseas AKB48 sister group, SNH48, based in Shanghai, China. On June 6, 2016, AKB48 announced it had suspended its partnership with SNH48 due to contract violations. SNH48 became fully independent from AKB48 and went on to create the SNH48 Group. On October 12, 2016, AKS established AKB48 China based in Shanghai, and named its group AKB48 Team SH.

On October 10, 2011 the creation of the TPE48 was announced via AKB48's official blog. AKS cooperated with Yoshimoto Kogyo's Taipei Branch and expected to open auditions in 2012. However, the two sides failed to reach a consensus in the preparation work, and thus the project was discontinued after the second half of 2012. Three new overseas sister groups were announced in March 2016: BNK48 based in Bangkok, Thailand; MNL48 based in Manila, the Philippines; and TPE48 once again, based in Taipei, Taiwan. On July 30, 2018, AKS canceled a joint venture and license agreement with TPE48's management and created AKB48 Team TP. On June 2nd, 2019 the formation of CGM48 based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was announced. CGM48 would be part of the AKB48 Group, but also a local sister group of BNK48.

On December 27, 2017, Yokoyama Yui announced the formation of MUM48 based in Mumbai, India through a SHOWROOM live broadcast. On June 19, 2019, MUB48, based on Mumbai replacing MUM48, and DEL48, based in Delhi, were announced. In October 2020 the DEL48 1st Generation members began to open personal Instagram accounts, leading to rumors of disbandment. Deepak Nandal, DEL48 producer, confirmed YKBK48 had put DEL48 into hiatus and would terminate the members’ contract at the end of October due to Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic. On July 13, 2022 the official disbandment of DEL48 and MUB48 was announced.

On June 21, 2018, AKS announced the formation of SGO48, based in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. On December 5, 2021 it was announced that SGO48 would disband after their 3rd year anniversary on December 22, 2021 due to the Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Current groups

In Japan
Group name Color Years active Teams Location Notes
AKB48 Pink 2005 - Flag of Japan.png Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
SKE48 Orange 2008 - Team S, Team KII, Team E Flag of Japan.png Sakae, Nagoya, Japan First sister group of AKB48
NMB48 Leopard Pattern 2010 - Team N, Team M, Team BII Flag of Japan.png Namba, Osaka, Japan
HKT48 Black 2011 - Team H, Team KIV Flag of Japan.png Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan
NGT48 White - Red 2015 - Flag of Japan.png Niigata, Niigata, Japan
STU48 Blue - White 2017 - Flag of Japan.png Setouchi Region, Japan
Outside Japan
Group name Color Years active Teams Location Notes
JKT48 Red 2011 - Flag of Indonesia.png Jakarta, Indonesia First international sister group of AKB48
BNK48 Orchid 2017 - Team BIII, Team NV Flag of Thailand.png Bangkok, Thailand
MNL48 Blue 2018 - Flag of Philippines.png Manila, Philippines
AKB48 Team SH Pink - White 2018 - Flag of China.png Shanghai, China
AKB48 Team TP Mango 2018 - TIC TAC TOE, Peek A Boo Flag of Taiwan.png Taipei, Taiwan Formerly known as TPE48
CGM48 Mint 2019 - Team C Flag of Thailand.png Chiang Mai, Thailand First local sister group of BNK48
KLP48 Green 2024 - Flag of Malaysia.png Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Former Groups

In Japan
Group name Color Years active Teams Location Notes
SDN48 Silver 2009 - 2012 Flag of Japan.png Akihabara, Japan
Outside Japan
Group name Color Years active Teams Location Notes
SGO48 Lotus 2018 - 2021 Flag of Vietnam.png Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam Disbanded due to Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic
MUB48 Green - White Didn't debut Flag of India.png Mumbai, India
DEL48 Orange - White 2019 - 2020 Flag of India.png Delhi, India
  • TPE48 (short for Taipei48) was a Taiwanese Idol Group and the 4th international sister group of AKB48. On July 30, 2018 AKS has announced that they are launching a new 48 group in Taiwan known as AKB48 Team TP and have canceled TPE48.
  • MUM48 (short for Mumbai48) was a projected Indian Idol Group. The group was announced on December 27, 2017, until it was rebranded as MUB48 on June 19, 2019.

Other Groups

These groups are produced by the same producer, but they are not considered part of the AKB48 Group.

  • OJS48 (short for Ojisan48) was an all-male Japanese group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. All the members are former police officers and detectives from Osaka. On October 13, 2010, after releasing its first single unsuccessfully, OJS48 was disbanded in the same year that it was formed. The members now work as security guards of the japanese AKB48 Groups.
  • IZONE (often stylised as IZ*ONE and pronounced as "eyes one") was a Korean-Japanese girl group formed in 2018 by CJ E&M through the Mnet television competition show Produce 48. They officially disbanded on April 29th, 2021.

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