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On June 9, 2016, AKB48 cut ties partnership with SNH48, after the latter was violating a contract with creating Beijing's BEJ48 and Guangzhou's GNZ48. On June 10, 2016, SNH48 management side insisted that they were an independent group from AKB48, they only have technical cooperation. On the same day, AKB48 removed Suzuki Mariya's concurrent position with SNH48, and SNH48-related materials were removed from JKT48's website. It was occured just before SNH48 3rd Senbatsu Election. Following this, SNH48 removed all information from AKB48 and its sister groups from its website.

AKB48 statement

"About the operation of overseas sister group in AKB48 group: Thank you very much for always supporting the AKB48 group. While on the subject, there is a breach of agreement on the management side of SNH48 in the local area, and it is necessary to review the management etc etc. Therefore, in view of this current situation, I will inform you that I deleted all banners and advertisements concerning "SNH48" posted on the AKB48 official website. In addition, we do not know about "BEJ48" (Beijing 48) and "GNZ48" (Guangzhou 48) which are announced in Beijing and Guangzhou, and that there is nothing to do with the AKB48 group at this moment. We will notify you."

SNH48 statement

"On June 9, Japan AKB48 official website unilaterally released with SNH48 and its official sister group related content. SNH48 operators formally respond as follows: SNH48 is a completely independent, self-operated Chinese localization of large women idol groups and Internet-based thinking star platform, operators. With Japan AKB48 sister group there is only an association of technical cooperation, there is no so-called violations in all of our daily Business activities as usual. April 20, 2016, SNH48 main operators announced the establishment of the official sister group BEJ48 and GNZ48. They also announced the original music content strategy, marking the SNH48 has been fully to the original road, SNH48 launched a series of original EP and original theater performances had a very good reception and response for the SNH48 in the basic music of the long-term development has laid a solid foundation for the future. They will continue to adhere to the original road for music to go on."

Actual Situation

Despite this situation, there have been no other problems. SNH48 took an independent way, created the SNH48 Group and releases their original songs, although they still use songs from the AKB48 Group without any legal problem, since they have the rights.

Teams of SNH48's sister groups didn't follow the numeration order of AKB48 Group teams, because they aren't AKB48 sister groups, but they follow the order of SNH48 actual teams. For example, SNH48 Team NII and GNZ48 Team NIII (Don't confuse with NGT48 Team NIII). Although AKB48 and SNH48 had been separated, AKB48 still continuing the order without caring the teams that were created and taken by SNH48 (SII, NII, HII, and possibly X).

Some members of SNH48 Group and AKB48 Team SH are friends, they have participated in TV shows together like Produce Camp 2020 and Youth With You 2020 as well as other events and also in songs.


  • On June 10, 2016, AKB48 removed Suzuki Mariya's Concurrent Position with SNH48' Team SII without any graduation or similar, she commented in her weibo: "Sorry, the Chinese fans and the members, sorry".
  • On June 11, 2016, AKB48 and AKS founder Kotaro Shiba made a call to STAR48 (SNH48 management), saying that he fully understood and supported SNH48's move towards originality.