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The AKB48 Group Solo Gravure Contest Project started as a project between AKB48 Group, 755 and Young Magazine, that would publish a solo gravure from the candidate with the most views ("755 watch") in a specific period of time on the social media. Later on the magazines Young Jump, Weekly Playboy, UTB, BOMB and FLASH joined the project, each one with three candidates.

Young Magazine (April 1 ~ April 30)

HKT48's Tomonaga Mio (10,884,917 views)
AKB48's Murayama Yuiri (6,350,568 views)
AKB48's Tano Yuka (2,193,357 views)

Young Jump (April 15 ~ April 30)

HKT48's Matsuoka Natsumi (14,123,323 views)
AKB48's Sasaki Yukari (12,662,895 views)
AKB48's Kawamoto Saya (2,295,789 views)

Weekly Playboy

HKT48's Moriyasu Madoka (7,763,626 views)
AKB48's Oshima Ryoka (6,364,144 views)
AKB48's Okada Nana (3,284,443 views)

UTB (April 19 ~)

NMB48's Jonishi Kei (94,060,840 views)
SKE48's Furuhata Nao (92,410,202 views)
AKB48's Komiyama Haruka (3,128,156 views)

BOMB (April 23~May 6)

AKB48's Takahashi Juri
NMB48's Ota Yuuri
NMB48's Kotani Riho


AKB48's Iwatate Saho
SKE48's Takayanagi Akane
HKT48's Anai Chihiro