BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022 Best 25

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The BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022 Best 25 was a concert by BNK48 and CGM48 on October 30th, 2022, at the Union Hall, 6F Union Mall.

Fans were able to vote for their favorite songs by both groups, and the top 25 were performed.


BNK48 & CGM48 Request Hour 2022 Best 25 is BNK48 and CGM48's 1st Request Hour.


Kage-ana: Cherprang and Aom

00. Overture (BNK48 ver.)
25. Last Thing I Can Do (Fortune Solo)
24. First Rabbit (Earn, Earth, Eve, Fame, Grace, Jaokhem, Kaofrang, Mean, Monet, Pampam, Paeyah, Pancake, Peak, Pim, Popper, Yayee, Yoghurt)
23. Heavy Rotation (Cherprang, Fond, Jane, Jennis, Kaew, Kaimook, Minmin, Mobile, Music, Namneung, Noey, Orn, Pun, Pupe, Tarwaan, Wee)
MC1. Fortune, Jane, Paeyah, Pupe
22. Reborn (Fahsai, Izurina, Jaa, Jib, Kate, Korn, Latin, Mei, Miori, Myyu, Namsai, New, Nine, Pakwan, Phukkhom, Piam, Ping, Satchan, Wee)
21. Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Chouchou (Minmin and Noey)
MC2. Fahsai, Latin, Mei, Ping
20. Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (Cherprang, Izurina, Jane, Jennis, Kaew, Kaimook, Mind, Miori, Mobile, Music, Namneung, Orn, Pun, Pupe, Satchan, Tarwaan)
19. Tsugi no Season (Aom, Fond, Gygee, Khamin, Mewnich, Rachaya Tupkunanon (Minmin), Myyu, New, Niky, Nine, Pakwan, Panda, Phukkhom, Ratah, Stang, Wee)
MC3. Fond, Khamin, Mewnich, Wee
18. Make noise (3rd SSK Undergirls: Champoo, Earn, Fame, Fortune, Izurina, Jaa, Kaiwan, Mind, New, Paeyah, Pampam, Phukkhom, Popper, Sita, Stang)
17. RIVER (Cherprang, Jane, Jennis, Jib, Korn, Mobile, Music, Namneung, Namsai, Noey, Orn, Piam, Pun, Pupe, Tarwaan)
MC4. Fame, Namsai, Noey, Orn
16. Chiang Mai 106 (Angel, Aom, Champoo, Fortune, Izurina, Kaiwan, Kaning, Marmink, Meen, Milk, Nena, Nenie, Parima, Ping, Punch, Sita)
15. Temodemo no Namida (Cherprang and Music)
MC5. Angel, Izurina, Nenie, Sita
14. Team NV Oshi (Team NV)
13. Bubbles in the sky (Marmink Solo)
12. Anata to Christmas Eve (Kaew's Version) (Kaew Solo)
MC6. Kaew, Marmink, Nine, Phukkom, Tarwaan
11. High Tension (Eve, Fame, Grace, Gygee, Jane, Jaokhem, Kate, Korn, Mean, Mind, Myyu, Namneung, Namsai, Noey, Orn, Yayee)
10. BNK Festival (Cherprang Areekul, Fond, Kaimook, Mobile, Monet, Pakwan, Pampam, Pancake, Peak, Piam, Pim, Pun, Pupe, Ratah, Wee, Yoghurt)
09. 365nichi no Kamihikouki (Earn, Earth, Jaa, Jennis, Jib, Kaew, Kaofrang, Miori, Music, Niky, Nine, Panda, Popper, Satchan, Stang, Tarwaan)
MC7. Kaimook, Kaofrang, Namneung
08. Kaiyuugyo no Capacity (Team BIII)
MC8. Jennis, Myyu, Pun
07. Believers (3rd SSK Senbatsu: Aom, Fond, Gygee, Kaimook, Kaning, Marmink, Minmin, Miori, Mobile, Music, Namneung, Noey, Pim, Pupe, Tarwaan, Wee)
MC9. Gygee, Minmin, Mobile
06. Mali (All of CGM48)
MC10. Aom, Kaiwan, Kaning
05. Myujikki (Music Solo)
04. Jaak Jai Poo Sao Kon Nee (Mobile Solo)
03. Yokaze no Shiwaza (Tarwaan's ver.) (Tarwaan Solo)
02. It's Life (Cherprang Solo)
MC11. Cherprang, Music
01. Kimi wa Melody (Noey's ver.) (Noey Solo)

MC12. Cherprang, Noey, Tarwaan

EN01 BNK48 x CGM48
Announcement: Introduction of BNK48 4th Generation and CGM48 2nd Generation members
EN02 Touch by Heart (Request Hour 2022 Ver.) (All members of BNK48's 4th Generation and CGM48's 2nd Generation members)

Participating Members



  • Hoop was the only active member who did not participate.
  • The original center for Tsugi no Season was Mewnich, who made a surprise appearance at the concert and performed the song in the center position.
  • Noey, Pun, and Tarwaan announced their graduation.

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