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Iriyama Anna
Iriyama Anna (2018)
Kanji 入山杏奈
Kana いりやま あんな
Romaji Iriyama Anna
Nickname Annin (あんにん)
Birth Info
Birthdate December 3, 1995  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Chiba, Japan
Blood type B
Current Age 27 Years Old
Height 160cm  
B 78cm 
W 57cm 
H 83cm
Professional Info
Agency Ohta Pro
Social Networks Official Website / 7gogo / Instagram / TikTok / Twitter / YouTube
Idol Career Info
Former Group AKB48
Former Team Team A
Debuted March 2010 / 10th Generation
Graduated March 2022

Iriyama Anna was a member of AKB48's Team A. She is a "VOCE" Magazine regular model.


イチゴの国からこんちには、あなたのハートをラブズッキュン!永遠の17歳、 高等学校3年生の入山杏奈です
Ichigo no kuni kara konnichiwa, anata no HAATO wo RABU ZUKKYUN! Eien no juunanasai, koutougakkou sannensei no Iriyama Anna desu
(Hello from Strawberry Country, your heart will be shot with love! I'm forever 17 years old, high school 3rd year student Iriyama Anna)
Annin koto Iriyama Anna desu.
(I'm Iriyama Anna also known as Annin.)


  • Hobbies: Watching anime, comedy show, listening to music, reading manga
  • Favorite actress: Kiritani Mirei, Saki Aibu
  • Favorite AKB48 song: Only Today
  • Favorite SKE48 song: Kataomoi Finally
  • Favorite unit song: Kuroi Tenshi
  • Favorite animal: Rabbit
  • Favorite anime: Gintama and K-ON!
  • Favorite book: Shigematsu Kiyoshi - Silent night
  • Favorite brand: HoneymiHoney, miu miu, choosy chu, JIMMY CHOO
  • Favorite candy: Chewing gum
  • Favorite color: Pink, white, pastel colors
  • Favorite numbers: 7 and 100
  • Favorite phrase: 「死ぬ気でやれ、死なないから」 (shinu ki de yare, shinanai kara, "Do it as if you would die, because you won't")
  • Favorite season: Spring
  • Favorite subject: Mathematics
  • Favorite food: Strawberry, her mom's homemade croquette
    • She mentions strawberries in her catchphrase because they are her favorite food
  • Good friends with: Kato Rena (AnRena), Abe Maria, Kanazawa Yuuki, Yokoyama Yui
    • She remained friends with Kanazawa Yuuki even after Yuuki graduated.
  • Member of Culture Club
  • Member of AnRiRe
  • She has an older sister.
  • In elementary school she was called "long-arms" by her classmates. She said she did not have many friends in school.
  • She was part of the brass band club in school and played the flute.
  • She wanted to audition for AKB48, but was afraid to ask her mother. She decided to audition after a senior at her school said, "let's audition for AKB48 together!".
  • She believes in fortune telling only if it tells good things.
  • Her favorite samurai is Date Masamune.
  • She was often called the "smartest member of AKB48" after she scored highest the Mecha mecha iketeru! AKB48 Kimatsu Test academic exam. This was the same test that Kawaei Rina earned the title "dumbest member of AKB48".
  • Because of her facial features and stature, many fans asked her if she is part European. She confirmed that she is fully Japanese, but to play off of their confusion she began mixing English words into her speech.
  • She was known to be very particular about styling her bangs, even scoring them out of 100 points.
  • She played the character “Yoga” in Majisuka Gakuen 4, but she revealed that she has a pretty stiff body compared to her character.
  • On May 25th, 2014, she and Kawaei Rina were attacked by a man wielding a handsaw during a national handshake event in Iwate prefecture. Anna’s right pinky finger was fractured and cut by the saw, and her head was cut as well. She was treated at a local hospital, took a hiatus from many activities afterword, and did not attend another national handshake event for the remainder of her time in the group. See Iwate Incident for more information.
  • She has been a VOCE magazine regular model since 2018.
  • She starred in the Mexican TV drama "L.I.K.E." and studied abroad in Mexico from April 2018 to April 2019.
    • After the show she continued her activities in Mexico, writing about her experiences and starting a YouTube channel with content focused on both Mexican and Japanese culture. She returned to Japan in March 2020 due to the start of the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • When the Senbatsu for Jabaja was announced during the AKB48 Group Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2018, Taniguchi Megu was the only member on stage who's name was not called for Senbatsu. Anna noticed this and comforted Megu after the event.
  • She loves the American Netflix drama "13 Reasons Why". In November 2022 she met and took a photo with the show's lead actor, Dylan Minette.











  • In April, announced that she would go abroad to Mexico for a year to appear in the telenovela Like, la leyenda.
  • Between September 10 and January of 2019, appeared as the recurring character Kobayashi Keiko in Like.


  • From July to August, published a weekly column on POPEYE Web where she wrote about her experiences in Mexico.


AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

AKB48 Janken Tournaments

Team History

AKB48 KenkyuuseiTeam 4Team A → Graduation
Joined AKB48 as a Kenkyuusei on March, 2010
Promoted to Team 4 on June 24, 2011 (Seibu Dome)
Transferred to Team A on August 24, 2012 (Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle)
Graduated from AKB48 Team A on March 17, 2022 (Announcement: January 4, 2022 | Final Theater Performance: March 16, 2022)

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Skirt, Hirari
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A5 Revival (Renai Kinshi Jourei)
Manatsu no Christmas Rose
A7 (M.T ni Sasagu)
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Concert Units

AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2011

Unit Matsuri 2012

Gyomu Renraku. Tanomuzo, Katayama Bucho! in Saitama Super Arena

Washington D.C. Concert

AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830m no Yume~

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AKB48 Tandoku Concert 2021 〜Suki Naraba, Suki da to Iou~

AKB48 LIVE SHOW ~AKBINGO! The Final Sayonara Mouri-san~


Media Appearances


  • Blue Demon / Aoi Oni (青鬼) (2014)
  • Les Neuf Fenetres / Kokonotsu no Mado (9つの窓) (2016)
  • Under One Umbrella / Ai Ai Kasa (あいあい傘) (2018)


  • Majisuka Gakuen 2 (マジスカ学園) (2011) – Anna
  • Majisuka Gakuen 3 (マジスカ学園3) (2012) – Annin
  • Kekkonsasete kudasai!! (結婚させてください!!) (ep.3 "Ai no tomato") (2014)
  • Kurofuku Monogatari (黒服物語) (2014) – Seiko
  • Majisuka Gakuen 4 (マジスカ学園4) (2015) – Yoga
  • 64 "ROKUYON" (「64(ロクヨン)」) (2015) – Mikami Ayumi
  • Majisuka Gakuen 5 (マジスカ学園5) (2015) – Yoga
  • AKB Horror Night Adrenaline no Yoru (AKBホラーナイト アドレナリンの夜) (2015) – Tomomi (Episode 11)
  • Gekijourei Kara no Shoutaijou (劇場霊からの招待) (2015) – Kana (Episode 3)
  • Siren (サイレーン) (2015) – Ichinose Rena (Episode 3-9)
  • AKB Love Night – Love Factory (2016) (Episode 3)
  • Crow's Blood (2016) – Nojiri Aoi
  • Cabasuka Gakuen (キャバすか学園) (2016) – Iruka / Yoga (Episode 8-10)
  • Kinkyu Torishirabeshitsu 2 (緊急取調室 2) (2017) – Fukunaga Eri (Episode 5)
  • Hana ni Keda Mono (花にけだもの) (2017) – Ogami Kanna
  • Like, la Leyenda (2018-2019) – Kobayashi Keiko
  • Iine! Hikaru Genji-kun (いいね!光源氏くん) (2020) – Fujiwara Shiori
    • Iine! Hikaru Genji-kun 2 (いいね!光源氏くん し~ずん2) (2021)

Variety Shows


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