19th Single Janken Senbatsu Tournament

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Pictures: Grouping the Janken Tuornament
(Pic 1: Togasaki-san / Pic 2: Minegishi Minami / Pic 3: Tournament bracket / Pic 4: final bracket)

General Information

During the 3rd Concert of the 2-DAYS LIVE Show "Surprise wa Arimasen", it was announced by Togasaki-san that the Senbatsu Members for AKB48's 19th Single were going to be selected by a Janken Tournament (AKB48 19thシングル じゃんけん選抜大会, "AKB48 19th Single Janken Senbatsu Taikai" ) to be held at the Nippon Budoukan in September 21st.

Janken (じゃんけん) is the japanese name (and way, since like in most of the countries they have different rules) of the Rock, Scissors and Paper game.

all the 48 Members from AKB48 (minus Ono Erena who announced her graduation some minutes after this announcement) and 4 previously-selected Kenkyusei were randomly shuffled during the concert to decide the order of the matches.

the girl that wins the tournament will be center of the single</u>. and then the top 2 will be the 2#, top 4# will be 3# and 4# and so on (what means it'll be just like the Senbatsu Election).

Senbatsu will consist of 16 Members (Top 16) and the rest of the girls will be featured as Undergirls and Theatre Girls (the method in which they'll split the girls hasn't been explained yet)

Drastic Changes

this senbatsu will show an AKB48 never-seen before for sure.

such as one where it's already certain that 6 girls that never made it to senbatsu before (Maeda Ami, Oya Shizuka, Suzuki Mariya, Tanabe Miku, Kobayashi Marina or Nagao Mariya) and those who made it only once, including girls haven't been part of senbatsu since the Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou times like Kobayashi Kana, Nito Moeno and Umeda Ayaka have a really big chance to make it again.

there's also a 3/4 chance that a Kenkyusei member (Kobayashi Marina or Nagao Mariya) will be part of senbatsu. marking it as the second time a Kenkyuusei members would take part of Senbatsu (first time being Komori Mika in Namida Surprise!). (and in the case both lost their matches, the winner from their block would be Kobayashi Kana, a member that hasn't been part of senbatsu since 2006 in Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou)

AKB48's ace Maeda Atsuko and Team B's ace Watanabe Mayu are in the same group, meaning there's a really a possibility that they go against each other. and already confirming that either one of them wont be included in senbatsu for the first time since their debut.

and that's not all, since there's a 50% chance that both wont make it. (Winner of their group would either be the recently promoted kenkyusei Maeda Ami or Masuda Yuka)

but not only those two were affected, the same thing happens in the 32~36# Group, were either Takahashi Minami or Oshima Yuko won't be part of an a-side for the very first time as well.

Confirmed Changes

Tournament Bracket

as decided in the Surprise wa Arimasen Concert's Encore, the final outcome for the bracket was...


( ilustrations made by ossan@S48 )

color code : Top 1 / Top 2 / Top 4 / Top 8 / Top 16 (16 Members) (Senbatsu Line) | Top 34 (16 Members) (Undergirls?) | Top 52 (20 Members) (Theatre Girls?)

Janken Senbatsu Election Guide Book

AKB48 Janken Senbatsu Koushiki GuideBook (AKB48 じゃんけん選抜公式ガイドブック)
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: Koubunsha
NEOBK-809945 (Mook)/¥1,000

  • Interview with all the members about fortune!
  • Oshima vs Sashihara, etc - Detailed Reports of the Decisive Battles!
  • Previous Night's gravure
  • Predictions from the big-5 fortune tellers!
  • Akimoto Yasushi speaks about the JanKen Tournament!
  • Long Interivew with Ono Erena
  • Center Predictions from SDN Members

this book has different specialists studying all the members in different areas related with fortune-telling, giving their own predictions and analysis about a possible outcome of the event. profiles of all the participating members as well as special interviews with various Celebrities related with AKB48 are also be part of the contents.

the Mook will also include an sticker sheet and a bonus poster (1 out of 2 types)

Tournament Ceremony


( 19th Single Janken Senbatsu Tournament Detailed Results )


Top 1 (Uchida Mayumi) | Top 2 (Ishida Haruka) | Top 3 (Kojima Haruna) | Top 4 (Nakawaga Haruka) | Top 5~8 (Maeda Ami · Sato Sumire · Sato Natsuki · Takajyo Aki)
Top 9~16 (Nakatsuka Tomomi · Kuramochi Asuka · Kobayashi Kana · Tanabe Miku · Kasai Tomomi · Matsui Sakiko · Maeda Atsuko · Chikano Rina)

Senbatsu, Undergirls and Theater Girls

( see Main Article: 19th Single (AKB48 )

Senbatsu (16 Memembers, bolded Members (12) are Media Senbatsu of this single)
Team A: Kojima Haruna (3#) · Kuramochi Asuka (10#) · Takajyo Aki (8#) · Nakagawa Haruka (4#) · Maeda Atsuko (15#) · Maeda Ami (5#)
Team K: Uchida Mayumi (1#) · Tanabe Miku (12#) · Nakatsuka Tomomi (9#) · Matsui Sakiko (15#)
Team B: Ishida Haruka (2#) · Kasai Tomomi (13#) · Kobayashi Kana (11#) Sato Sumire (6#) · Sato Natsuki (7#) · Chikano Rina (16#)

Undergirls (16 Memembers)
Team A: Oota Aika · Katayama Haruka · Sashihara Rino · Shinoda Mariko · Nakata Chisato · Matsubara Natsumi
Team K: Akimoto Sayaka · Umeda Ayaka · Miyazawa Sae · Nito Moeno · Nonaka Misato
Team B: Kitahara Rie · Sato Amina · Watanabe Mayu
Team Kenkyuusei: Kobayashi Marina

Theater Girls (20 Memembers)
Team A: Oya Shizuka · Iwasa Misaki · Nakaya Sayaka · Takahashi Minami
Team K: Oshima Yuko · Itano Tomomi · Kikuchi Ayaka · Fujie Reina · Minegishi Minami · Yonezawa Rumi
Team B: Oku Manami · Kashiwagi Yuki · Komori Mika · Suzuki Mariya · Masuda Yuka · Miyazaki Miho
Team Kenkyuusei: Nakamata Shiori · Nakamura Mariko · Nagao Mariya

mini-Live Concert

After the main event, a mini-live took place. SDN48 and AKB48 sung a total of 5 songs and AKB48's 18th Single Beginner's Music Video and song were premiered for first time.

*this article is up to confirmation and songs and tracklist may vary*

( AKB48's 18th Single Beginner PV Showcasing )

VTR (SDN48 no Kiseki)

01. Kodoku na Runner / SDN48

02. overture
04. Ponytail to Shushu
-MC (Oshima Yuko · Takahashi Minami · Maeda Atsuko)

05. Heavy Rotation

VTR (Using Footage from the event. Anata ga Ite Kureta Kara as BGM)

Final Outcome Review

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