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The article translation thread

Discussion in 'General HKT48 Discussion' started by DreamingPebbles, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. gocchisama

    gocchisama Member Stage48 Donor

    Oct 12, 2012
    found an article about Sakuratan in Tumblr:
  2. DreamingPebbles

    DreamingPebbles Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 5, 2013
    I used color codes this time (besides bold and italics) to try to make it easier to identify the interviewer's text. Let me know if this is better or not.

    SOURCE: EX Taishu
    DATE: August 2013 (cover date September 2013)
    MEMBERS: Matsuoka Natsumi, Moriyasu Madoka, Tani Marika, Tashima Meru, Tomonaga Mio

    I love, love HKT48!

    The fresh group from Hakata moves towards national domination!

    Thanks to Sashihara Rino, who after transferring from AKB48 has been hooking up each member in TV shows and such, HKT48 is going through a surge in popularity. So now, here is a direct hit from the supernova members of HKT48! Coming from Hakata, they are: Tomonaga Mio and Tashima Meru, who are the new centers despite being kenkyuusei; cool beauties Matsuoka Natsumi and Moriyasu Madoka; and the high tension Tani Marika!

    Matsuoka Natsumi: The beauty Ashura girl
    Proud of her long eyelashes. Because she doesn't like to compromise her dance, which is her special skill, she feels frustrated when she doesn't perform well. Loves offal.

    Tomonaga Mio: Pure dynamite
    Applied for the HKT48 auditions because she admired Shinoda Mariko in "Ue Kara Mariko". On her pillow, many "butashan" stuffed toys.

    Tashima Meru: Talent that only comes along each 10 years
    Still a kenkyuusei, but her magnificent aura is suitable for center. Has appeared in solo CMs. Looks perfect, but is bad at drawing.

    Moriyasu Madoka: The Nagasaki rain is a Chopin tune
    Has a great sense of pitch, and is skilled in piano which she studied for 8 years. Didn't rank in this year's sousenkyo, but on the next handshake event showed up wearing a T-shirt that said "65".

    Tani Marika: Everyday is Hakata Dontaku
    Made Manager Togasaki Tomonabu say "You can't forget Tani's energy". Can speak as if she had swallowed helium. Carries around a notebook of reflections.

    Who is the most beautiful in Kyushu? A barikata round table.

    [NOTE: "Barikata" is a dish, a variation of Hakata ramen.]

    Let's try to determine who among these 5 is the most beautiful in Kyushu.

    TANI: I am a Hakata person, so while eating only tonkotsu ramen I soon became the Kyushu beauty (laughs). Now, doesn't tonkotsu ramen have a lot of collagen?

    TASHIMA: I think I eat more tonkotsu ramen than you. Sometimes I eat 3 more servings of it.

    When you're in Tokyo on a work trip, don't you suddenly miss tonkotsu ramen?

    TASHIMA: I don't eat ramen when I'm in Tokyo. Because of my diet.

    MORIYASU: Eh? Your diet?

    TASHIMA: Yeah, because it upsets my nutritional balance.

    MATSUOKA: Isn't it because you're obsessed with Hakata ramen?

    TASHIMA: Yes (decisively).

    MATSUOKA: So cute (laughs). I don't have a single thing I can be proud of.

    MORIYASU: Is that so? Actually you're passionate.

    Is that so?

    MATSUOKA: Sometimes before an event, when people aren't paying attention, I say "Let's do this right!".

    MORIYASU: She seems cool, but she's passionate. But when it comes to unpredictability I think I'm not far behind.

    Even though you have the aura of a young lady...

    MORIYASU: I'm a backstage entertainer (laughs).

    MATSUOKA: You're wild in the backstage, aren't you?

    MORIYASU: I want to slowly bring out the fun in the backstage!

    Tani isn't competition for you?

    TASHIMA: Marika is quiet in the backstage, but when there's a camera around she changes.

    TANI: Because I think that when I'm in front of people I must be assertive!

    Tomonaga, you haven't said anything yet. What do you think?

    TOMONAGA: Er... I think it's cool when Marika acts with energy. Isn't she good at attracting people, and isn't her voice loud?

    MATSUOKA: I think Mio's voice is quite low (laughs).

    TOMONAGA: I sort of want to learn from Marika, but I don't want to be like her (giggle).

    TANI: Why is that?! But I think you're fine as you are now.

    MORIYASU: The opinion of a superior (laughs).

    Tomonaga, how do you act when you're in the backstage?

    TOMONAGA: I like being alone, so I get into the space between lockers. I want not to stand out as much as possible.

    MATSUOKA: I'm like that too in the backstage, because I like being alone too.

    MORIYASU: But when night comes you get weird, don't you?

    MATSUOKA: It's just that when I'm tired for working since morning, I get very tense.

    MORIYASU: For some reason she kept shouting "Sheishei! Sheishei!". [NOTE: It means "thank you".]

    MATSUOKA: Don't say that!

    HKT48's wishes

    Please, Manager Sashihara!

    TOMONAGA MIO: I want to do a tour through Kyuushu!
    I'm jealous of NMB48 doing a local tour. Ah, I also want to visit Okinawa, so I want to make a Kyuushu/Okinawa tour!

    MORIYASU MADOKA: I want to eat a warm lunch!
    Specially in the summer, the lunch boxes are kept cooled to avoid spoiling, but I want to eat from a warm lunch box! Personally I like lunch boxes with chicken nanban!

    MATSUOKA NATSUMI: I want her to touch me once in a while!
    Sasshi likes (Motomura) Aoichan, so she often pinches her cheek and stuff. It's sad that she doesn't do that to me.

    TANI MARIKA: I want her to make me neat!
    My goal is to be responsible for HKT48's neatness. This is how I've come to feel even though I'm supposed to admire sparkling idols (laughs).

    TASHIMA MERU: I want to go out with her!
    Sasshi promised me we would go out together, but we haven't yet... I want to go to Space World with her!
  3. DreamingPebbles

    DreamingPebbles Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 5, 2013
    SOURCE: Tokyo Sports
    DATE: July 17, 2013
    MEMBERS: Anai Chihiro, Kumazawa Serina, Miyawaki Sakura

    A major event before the Budokan performance that brought HKT48 closer together

    HKT48 Extreme Selection (6)

    Summer vacation will be here soon. The long-awaited month will come, and in order to promote this merry mood, this week HKT48 will participate again in the ultimate selection. This time we have with us Miyawaki Sakura (15), Anai Chihiro (17) and Kumazawa Serina (16). During this honest talk, a secret HKT48 story will be revealed, a must-read even for non-fans. Please have your handkerchiefs ready.

    To cry easily or to get angry easily for half a year

    First question. For half a year, would you prefer to be easily moved to tears or to get angry easily?

    MIYAWAKI: I prefer to get angry easily. Because when you cry you bother the people around you.

    ANAI: I prefer to cry. Getting angry is mentally tiresome.

    KUMAZAWA: I'd prefer to cry too. I don't like getting angry and arguing.

    Everyone prefers crying?

    MIYAWAKI: In HKT Aoitan (Motomura Aoi) is the biggest crybaby.

    ANAI: I cry when I see an animal dying on TV or in dramas.

    KUMAZAWA: I understand. Just now I was watching TV in the hotel with Tanaka Natsumi and I was the only one crying.

    What about Tanaka next to you?

    KUMAZAWA: She was watching with a serious face (laughs).

    MIYAWAKI: I cry too when I'm watching dramas or reading novels. Oh, and when (Nakanishi) Chiyori makes funny faces, I laugh so much I end up crying (laughs).

    And who gets angry easily? Anai, because she's captain?

    ANAI: No one gets angry, so I'm careful not to get too angry either.

    MIYAWAKI: The rehearsals before a performance?

    ANAI: Right. During the rehearsals, if there is too much whispering or if people are scattered about, then I speak up. But at those times I don't yell or anything, out of consideration for the others.

    KUMAZAWA: Sure, not even a basic "waa" right?

    MIYAWAKI: But there was one time when we all crashed. Two or three days before the Budokan solo concert (in April this year), we had rented a space for practice but no one could learn anything. Natsu (Matsuoka Natsumi) got angry. And she said...

    KUMAZAWA: While crying.

    MIYAWAKI: "If Sasshi (Sashihara Rino) leaves what are we going to do?". (About not being able to learn) Sasshi had been giving us advice all the time up to that point in the rehearsal. Then for the first time, everyone cried and talked. The first generation had become specially close, to the extent that maybe until that time we hadn't be able to express (strong emotions or intense opinions).

    Nice story. If you ever make a documentary, you can use that for a scene.

    MIYAWAKI: But there weren't any cameras (laughs).

    Tell us of an occasion when you got angry.

    ANAI: In middle school, I got a call from a teacher after school in my cellphone and got very angry.

    MIYAWAKI: We were going to make a surprise party for a friend's birthday. We were passing a letter around during class, but it was confiscated and read. Not only was it embarrassing but the surprise was ruined, so I felt very mad.

    KUMAZAWA: I forget things a lot, so people scold me like "how many times?".

    To swim 100 km for a month or to solve a 5000-piece puzzle

    Next question. If you had to perform an achievement in one month, would you choose swimming 100 km overall or solving a 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle? If you swim slowly, you do 1 km in around 20 minutes, and each 1000 pieces of the puzzle takes about 8 hours. So both take 30-40 hours.

    ALL: Definitely the jigsaw puzzle!

    ANAI: I can't even swim in the first place.

    MIYAWAKI: Me neither!

    KUMAZAWA: I can swim 25 meters crawl, but it must be tiresome.

    How were the swimming lessons?

    ANAI: We almost always had field trips (laughs). In the old days we would only go to the classroom in the summer, which isn't right. I can't even float.

    MIYAWAKI: I had swimming lessons too, but I was bad at swimming according to the styles and I didn't improve. I can swim about 10 meters crawl, because I can't breathe.

    So simple activities like puzzles are ok?

    ANAI: Yes. I like simple things. Because there is a sense of accomplishment.

    KUMAZAWA: I'm clumsy, so while I'm doing it I go "waaa" and spread everything apart (laughs).

    MIYAWAKI: I was in the handicrafts club in elementary school and did things like knitting scarves. So I like the feeling of compact things.

    What about exercises?

    MIYAWAKI/ANAI: I don't like it.

    KUMAZAWA: I like running, and I was in the track and field club. I can do 100 meters in about 13 seconds.

    MIYAWAKI: No way, 100 meters!? I take 10 seconds to run 50 meters (laughs).

    ANAI: You take double the time!
  4. DreamingPebbles

    DreamingPebbles Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 5, 2013
    SOURCE: AKB48 Group Kenkyuusei Concert "Oshimen Hayai Mono Gachi" Official Guidebook
    DATE: ?
    MEMBERS: Tashima Meru, Tomonaga Mio

    U-15 open attitude

    The HKT48 top 2 friends reveal their thoughts about each other

    Tashima Meru (13), despite being a kenkyuusei, was the center of HKT48's debut single "Suki! Suki! Skip!" in March, and Tomonaga Mio (15) also got into the senbatsu of that single. These two friends and top girls of HKT48 are getting special attention among the kenkyuuseis of the entire country. Here they talk about everything, from their first meeting to the strong and weak points of one another.

    Finally a kenkyuusei performance. Are you nervous?

    TOMONAGA: Yes. Before the HKT48 Budokan concert started, when the "Overture" was playing I started crying a lot. I appeared on stage with my make-up half-ruined and on the verge of crying (laughs).

    TASHIMA: I get nervous, but I don't want to expose this weak side to the outside. I really don't like crying in front of other people. Even so, I cry when I get very touched by the show (laughs).

    What is your honest opinion of each other?

    TASHIMA: From the outside, Mio seems scatterbrained and cute, but in the backstage she is hard-working and adult-like. Also, she sleeps a lot (laughs).

    TOMONAGA: I'm the eldest daughter, so when I'm not nervous I'm a perfectly regular girl (laughs). When Meruchan is on the stage she is hard-working, but in the backstage she is always talking, always eating something, and we keep saying "Meru, pay attention!".

    TASHIMA: The two of us are opposites right?

    What would you like to change in each other?

    TOMONAGA: She keeps sending me emails with one word (laughs). Like, "Tomorrow", "Nice", "Eating". When I try to answer the first one with "What?", another one comes, and then another one, 5 messages piling up. In the end it gets annoying and I ignore her (laughs).

    TASHIMA: I'm not good at writing long texts (laughs). Mio is not a morning person, she gets in a really bad mood. Even though we say "good morning", she just lowers her head in a cold way.

    TOMONAGA: That [saying "good morning"] takes time (laughs).

    What would you do if you changed places for one day?

    TOMONAGA: Since Meruchan is not shy at all, I would walk to other girls and say "Let's be friends".

    Tashima, do you start talking to other people like that?

    TASHIMA: I do, I do.

    TOMONAGA: Even during the auditions, it was unusually loud around Meruchan.

    TASHIMA: In the audition before the last one, everyone was nervous and sitting still. But I turned to Goto Izumichan sitting next to me and said "Hey, hey, how old are you?", and from then on we were the only ones talking.

    TOMONAGA: The last audition was terrible too.

    TASHIMA: In the last one my necklace broke, and when I went to where my mother was to try to fix it, Mr. Sato (former General Manager) began his explanation. I didn't know that, and when I came back and opened the door loudly everyone looked at me at once. I said "Ah, I'm sorry" and got away with a smile.

    Tomonaga, you were there as well, right?

    TOMONAGA: I was (laughs).

    TASHIMA: Everyone was saying "she's angry".

    Tashima, what would you want to do if you became Tomonaga?

    TASHIMA: I can't be alone in hotels. So I would like to spend time alone in a hotel and learn what it feels like.

    TOMONAGA: I basically like being alone. When I go back to my room, I stay there alone doing nothing and don't go out.

    TASHIMA: We say to her "Let's go out", or "May I come into your room?", but everyday she says "Today is not good" (laughs). I don't understand at all how doing something alone can be good.

    Who would you two like to meet?

    TASHIMA: I would like to meet Maeda Atsuko. Because I haven't met her yet. It would be cool because she's a person who led AKB48. Oh and I'd like to watch Ikimono Kagari singing because I love them.

    TOMONAGA: Of course I'd like to meet Maeda once as well.

    In closing, please leave a message for your fans.

    TASHIMA: Being a kenkyuusei and being able to be in this big place is awesome. I'm really grateful. I will work hard to meet everyone's strength, and I'll be happy if people discover the strong points of each member.

    TOMONAGA: I still can't dance or sing, but I'm striving in my own way, and I'll be happy if you choose me as your oshimen.
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    Jul 3, 2009
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oct 12, 2012
    that's some nice data over here ^^
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    Apr 5, 2013
    SOURCE: AKB48 Group Kenkyuusei Concert "Oshimen Hayai Mono Gachi" Official Guidebook
    DATE: ?
    MEMBERS: Akiyoshi Yuka

    Orange Talent

    There are numerous types of food in this wide world, but HKT48 Kenkyuusei Akiyoshi Yuka loves oranges more than anything. This "no oranges, no life" girl brings you an orange-exclusive talk, a first in the history of idols.

    Akiyoshi, you like oranges, don't you?

    AKIYOSHI: Yes, since I was little. My grandma used to send me oranges, so I've loved them since a long time.

    How much do you eat them?

    AKIYOSHI: In the winter, about 10 a day. In the summer I eat amanatsu [a variety of orange]. I also like other types like neeburu and orenji. Since oranges are juicy and tasty, you can squeeze them or turn them into juice. I always eat it and don't get tired of it.

    Do you make sweets?

    AKIYOSHI: I make jelly. And on my birthday I made an orange cake all covered with oranges. It was delicious.

    I see. Did the people around you always knew you liked oranges?

    AKIYOSHI: Yes. Because I went to school with yellow hands (laughs). The teacher also knew I liked them and gave me hers.

    Didn't you have a nickname?

    AKIYOSHI: There was a girl in my class called Natsumi and they called her "Natsu Mikan" ["summer orange"]. So they didn't call me that.

    Was it frustrating?

    AKIYOSHI: I thought so (laughs).

    How are fans responding to that love of yours for oranges?

    AKIYOSHI: When we do high touch, they say my hand is yellow. And I received a flower bouquet before and there was an orange hidden inside (laughs).

    By the way, how do you like apples?

    AKIYOSHI: ...I like apples too, because my grandma also used to send me those.

    Ah, so apples are your territory too.

    AKIYOSHI: Yes, but my favorite food is oranges!
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    May 11, 2013
    Anywhere, Everywhere
    @Snipakill posted this in the Melojuice tread. lyrics for Soko de Nani wo Kangaeru ka?

    I am dieing to know what they are after reading @Snipakills little synopsis. :( :worthy: :worthy:
  9. .SK.

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    Feb 22, 2013
    Leaving those scans here

    These two had the title 拾い物 above them, not sure about their origins

    And these are the text pages from 7Pia
  10. MelonMeru

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    Aug 29, 2013
    Umi ♪
    Thanks for Sayanara231 with her/his translations on tumblr. ! (⌒▽⌒)
  11. DreamingPebbles

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    Apr 5, 2013
    SOURCE: AKB48 Group Kenkyuusei Concert "Oshimen Hayai Mono Gachi" Official Guidebook
    DATE: ?
    MEMBERS: Tani Marika

    Self-appointed person in charge of pureness

    HKT48 Kenkyuusei Tani Marika's special skill is to impersonate a "helium voice". But the volume of her voice is not her only "destructive" outstanding skill. Kicking about in the rainy season, this high tension character will cause a commotion in Japan!

    Tani, you have a great voice, but first of all why did you join HKT48?

    TANI: Nakanishi Chiyori (from Team H) and I were classmates in middle school! I thought of becoming a voice actress, and when I contacted Nakanishi she said "Come to HKT48". Right at that time I noticed there was a call for members open! At the time of the photo review I thought I wouldn't make it, but somehow I had the privilege of standing on that same stage! It's like a manga really!

    It seems that your voice has been loud since you were little.

    TANI: In elementary school I wasn't the type that talked actively, but when I got into middle school I suddenly developed a beautiful voice! (laughs)

    And suddenly you developed your special helium voice.

    TANI: First I loved singing! (While impersonating) I did things like the "Yattaa, yatta yo" in the song "Hajime no Chuu", or the voice of Yoshi from Mario, and before I knew it the helium voice came out.

    That's all nice! It's a pity we can't transmit voice.

    TANI: Thank you! I want to be a voice actress that brings love and happiness to everyone! Because I love animes from the 1990s like Sailor Moon or Hell Teacher Nube and I watch them often.

    Are you practicing your voice now?

    TANI: Instead of voice, I think what I want now is material to make people laugh on the stage and elsewhere.

    A performer, right?

    TANI: That's not it! That's because I'm in charge of pureness in HKT48! Because I admire Ishihara Satomi. Everyone please take notice of Tani Marika's pretty face and angel voice!
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    Sep 13, 2012
    Thanks for the translation. My HKT48 oshi has been Marika ever since first saw her. :inlove:
  13. MelonMeru

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    Aug 29, 2013
    Umi ♪
    Thank you!
    But just a question, is there Meru translations for this event?
  14. DreamingPebbles

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    Apr 5, 2013
    ^ You can find a list of translations in the first post in this thread.
  15. eroisa

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    May 25, 2013
    Firstly, thank you so much for all the translations guys, it's good to know more about our lovely HKT girls.
    I guess there's no translations for these pages yet so I'm leaving them here, Tani and Yukachan are so adorable together :blush:
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    Dec 21, 2009
    ^ I think I can get most of this one. I'll try it later
  17. Neve

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    Jun 6, 2013
    Tokyo, Japan
    I've been working my way through the September '13 issue of BOMB, which was an HKT48 feature. The original articles are on the links, although taken with my crappy iPhone camera (I'll get a scanner one day...). Ones I've done so far:

    Member: Miyawaki Sakura
    Link: http://www.akblogs.net/article_translations/31-miyawaki-sakura-bomb-interview
    For the second single, Melon Juice, the same number of second generation as first generation were chosen as Senbatsu, weren't they?
    I think that energetic members were chosen, so I'm happy that there's so much energy in the second generation. I think that the girls who weren't chosen this time will feel more fighting spirit, so it's a good thing.

    As a leading member of the 1st generation, don't you feel like you don't want to lose?
    But the difference between the first generation is less than a year, so I think we'll be stronger if we consider each other friends rather than rivals. There are a lot of people who say the first generations of HKT are like AKB. Maybe someday, HKT48 can have an existence as important as that of AKB48. For that, we can't just rely on Sasshi's power, but we have to go to the front ourselves. I think in the second single, we had to have more power than the first.

    For that purpose, what do you feel is the most important thing?
    It's the power of the performances. We're overwhelmed by the rehearsals of our sister groups, SKE48 and NMB48. We're made to feel amazed by their dancing and everything. Up until now, HKT48 has gotten by on our freshness and energy, but I think that time has passed. I'm impatient because our actual ability hasn't caught up to the others at all. The youngest child won't remain sweet forever, so we have to improve our actual ability!

    Strong words! [laughs] What do you think you have to do as an individual?
    I want to be an actress in the future, so I think it isn't enough to keep doing what I am now. I want to improve my performance skills. The first time I saw Tanaka Yuuko in the drama "Woman", I was captivated. Even in the scenes when she had no lines, I was left speechless by the power of her expression. I want to become that kind of actress. Haruppi's dual position in AKB48 looks really difficult, but also great fun. People who are always in the same environment become totally lazy, so to discover a new me, I also want to take on new challenges.

    Member: Tashima Meru
    Link: http://www.akblogs.net/article_translations/34-tashima-meru-bomb-interview
    In summer this year, you performed twice at the Tokyo Idol Festival on the Zepp stage. What were your thoughts?
    It was fun. It was a really big event, so everyone was looking forward to it. You could say it was a great chance to get new fans.

    You performed the new single, “Melon Juice”, on stage, didn’t you?
    Although it was before the single went on sale, there was a real energy there, and everyone was really excited listening to it.

    Now, you were chosen together with Tomonaga to be the centre for this single, so I want to ask you about what you think of each other.
    Eh, you’re also asking Tomonaga what she thinks of me? What did she say?

    You can look forward to that when this issue goes on sale. What kind of girl is Tomonaga?
    She often sleeps at times when everyone else is moving around. And she likes to be alone. When we were staying together at a hotel, I couldn’t sleep. I asked Tomonaga, “Let’s sleep together?” and she replied, “No” [laughs]. But at a times of high tension, she’ll say “Okay” and we’ll sleep together.

    Are there any areas where you’re jealous of her?
    Her cuteness. Isn’t her smile really cute? I like that part of her.

    But you’re also cute, aren’t you?
    No no, Tomonaga is cuter.

    Do you spend time together privately?
    We saw a movie together once, but we don’t usually spend our free time together. We see each other every day, so we don’t really need to meet outside of that.

    For the two of you, you’ll soon have juniors when the 3rd generation enters HKT.
    That’s right. We have to try our best as seniors, I think. But, I’m wondering about what kind of girls will be accepted, and looking forward to it. How will HKT48 change, and what kind of new things will happen?

    Lastly, what’s your objective in HKT48 as an individual?
    I want to treasure each moment of my life at the moment. I think I’m growing more every day. I want HKT48 to win the prize for best newcomer at the record awards, so that’s my objective for this year. Nobody else in the 48 Group has won that award.

    You can’t make that objective a reality any time besides this year, right?
    Even being nominated is a great honour, so that’s my objective to start with!

    Member: Tomonaga Mio
    Link: http://www.akblogs.net/article_translations/37-tomonaga-mio-bomb-interview
    As well as being chosen as the centre for the 2nd HKT48 single "Melon Juice", you were also chosen aws one of 7 trainees to form the new unit "Laidybird Chu!"
    I was surprised. There are seven of us, because a ladybird has seven spots. I'd spoken to Kojimako, Miki and Nana before, but I hadn't really talked to Nagisa or Ryoha before, so I thought I'd talk to them and get to know them without being shy. Nagisa said that I'm her oshimen, so she was easy to talk to, and I was also glad to talk to Ryoha about various things.

    The song's title is "Kimi dake ni chuu! chuu! chuu!"
    Like "Melon Juice", it's a call-and-response type song. Maybe it's a little embarrassing, but I'm always happy to hear the response, "Chuu! Chuu! Chuu!"

    You're always together with Meru-chan, so do you know any secrets about her? [laughs]
    Ah, I'm not sure if you'd call it a secret. Although she looks like an adult, her room is really childish.

    Does she still touch your cheek all the time?
    I always get poked [laughs]. Meru does it to lots of girls, and she's always in high spirits. She texts me all the time. And she'll cut them off in places that make no sense. If she's asking, "What should we do today?" she'll send, "What" "should" "we" "do" "today?" in seperate messages. My phone goes "Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!" [laughs]. But I've been with her since the beginning, and I find it relaxing.

    Are you jealous of her in any ways?
    Meru isn't shy at all. She'll run up to our seniors and talk to them without restraint. I'm jealous of her for that, and I want to learn by watching her. Recently, I've also been able to play around wtih our first generation seniors a little. I've been talking to Miwaki Sakura, and calling her "Saku-chan". I want to broaden my ability in that area more. I want to try my best and get to know more and more people in HKT48.

    Member: Akiyoshi Yuka
    Link: http://www.akblogs.net/article_translations/41-akiyoshi-yuka-bomb-interview
    Middle school 1st year, HKT48 new member Akiyoshi Yuka. The members call you Akiyoshi instead of Yuka, don’t they?
    I wonder why? [laughs] There are other girls with my name, and it’s hard for people to know whether it’s “Yuuka” or “Yuka”. At school, I’m also Akiyoshi.

    What kind of character do you have?
    I do my own thing. People often tell me to hurry up - I like to take it easy.

    With that kind of character, why on earth did you decide to enter HKT48!?
    When I went to Hawks Camp in Miyazaki with my family, the first generation unexpectedly performed a concert. The performance was really lively and cute, so I thought I wanted to join.

    What was joining really like?
    I had no experience of dancing, so at first there were lots of things I couldn’t do, so those times were difficult. But I practiced really hard, and when I became able to do things I felt really happy, and now it’s really fun that I’m quickly becoming able to dance to more and more songs.

    You were selected for the senbatsu in the second single, Melon Juice!!
    The members are always saying to me, “You look like a normal child,” so I did wonder why I was selected, but now I feel like I have to try harder than the members who weren’t selected. I have to practice really hard to reach my seniors' level of dancing.

    At first glance, you look childish, but your mind and body have been growing up day by day an unexpected amount.
    The members also tell me, “You’ve become more concerned about things.” I’ve also grown about 5cm since I entered HKT48. My arms and legs are big, so people are also saying that I’ve got a lot of growing to do. I still haven’t grown enough to be able to easily take bags out of overhead lockers, so I’d like to grow that much.

    Your hobbies are, “tangerene art and making sweets.” How do you see your future?
    I want to become a super-famous idol, and I want to be able to dance really cutely. Someone who never stops smiling; a wonderful idol like Mayuyu!
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    Oct 12, 2012
    thanks a lot neve!
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    Apr 5, 2013
    SOURCE: Nishi Nippon
    DATE: December 10, 2013
    MEMBERS: Aramaki Misaki, Hokazono Hazuki, Kurihara Sae, Sakamoto Erena, Tanaka Miku, Tsutsui Riko, Yabuki Nako, Yamauchi Yuna, Yamashita Emily

    Meet the fresh strength – First interview of the nine members of HKT48 3rd Generation

    On November 2nd, the 9 members from HKT48 3rd Generation made a surprise debut during the shonichi of the Pajama Drive stage. Having already performed as backdancers on “Junjou Shugi” on the same stage, they introduced themselves to great cheers. Also, Yabuki Nako (12), the smallest member on the 48 Group, is the center of “Wink wa Sankai” and has already started to become a popular topic among fans. A solo tour through 7 provinces in Kyushu was also announced, with the new HKT48 soldiers trying to break into this new state of affairs. We asked these 9 still stiff girls what were their reasons for knocking on the HKT48 Theater's door and what are their dreams. (Interviewer: Furukawa Yasuhiro [古川泰裕])

    Please tell us the reason why you wanted to join HKT48. Starting with Aramaki.

    ARAMAKI: I auditioned for the 2nd Generation but didn't make it, and when I saw the 2nd Generation on TV a lot I felt frustrated, so I decided to try again.

    Now Kurihara, the oldest one.

    KURIHARA: I really, really like the AKB48 Group, and I watched the “Te wo Tsunaginagara” stage at the HKT48 Theater. I thought I wanted to join, so I tried auditioning.

    SAKAMOTO: I liked the AKB48 Group too. I watched the HKT48 stage and thought that I wanted to sing and dance like that too, so I auditioned.

    What about you, Tanaka, from Kumamoto Prefecture?

    TANAKA: I watched AKB appear a lot on TV shows. They brought me laughter and happiness, so I thought “I'm next”. I set my goal on HKT as it was the closest one to Kumamoto.

    And how was it for you, Tsutsui, from Saga Prefecture?

    TSUTSUI: It was because I've always admired AKB and I liked singing and dancing.

    What about you, Hokazono?

    HOKAZONO: I auditioned for the HKT48 1st Generation but didn't make it. At the time of the 2nd Generation I thought of auditioning too, but I decided to audition after I had come to believe in myself, so I auditioned for the 3rd Generation.

    Yabuki, you are from Tokyo, so why did you choose HKT?

    YABUKI: At first I liked AKB, but then HKT48 was formed... they have lower ages...

    You thought you would fit in better.

    YABUKI: My mother told me “HKT fits you, so why don't you apply?”

    Yamauchi, how was it for you?

    YAMAUCHI: I joined HKT48 because I wanted to be a one-of-a-kind artist like Amuro Namie.

    Yamashita, which of your parents is from overseas?

    YAMASHITA: My mother is from the Philippines. I joined HKT with the goal of becoming an actress.

    What kind of actress you aspire to be?

    YAMASHITA: Like Maeda Atsuko (graduate). I've liked her since she was in AKB48.

    Kurihara, who do you like in the 48 Group?

    KURIHARA: First Oshima Yuko, and from HKT I like Motomura Aoi.

    Tanaka, who is your goal?

    TANAKA: I want to be a person who hides nothing, like Oshima Yuko.

    Tsutsui, what aspect of AKB do you like?

    TSUTSUI: When I lost a match at my club (kendo) and I was crying on the way home, the AKB songs gave me courage.

    You made your debut on November 2nd, on the shonichi of Pajama Drive.

    TANAKA: (About the performance as back dancers on Junjou Shugi) I was very nervous, but I relaxed because our senpais were there for us. After it ended I got a lot of advice from my senpais and wanted to do a better performance next time.

    TSUTSUI: I was worried about the audience's response during my introduction, but I was happy when they started shouting “Rikochan”.

    ARAMAKI: The audience is closer to the stage than I thought, so I thought that to charm them I should make bigger and more energetic moves.

    Kurihara, you already performed on “Nounai Paradise” on November 20th.

    KURIHARA: I was nervous because I didn't want to hold back my senpais. It was my first time singing and dancing holding a microphone, but it was a lot of fun when the fans called my name. I'm still too focused on my performance and don't pay attention to my surroundings, so I'll work hard on that.

    Yabuki, you're the center of “Wink wa Sankai”. How was your first time filming a music video?

    YABUKI: Because the 3rd Gens that are always together weren't there, I was too nervous and didn't had any apettite.

    At the 2nd Anniversay Special Performance on November 26th, all the 3rd Gens performed.

    SAKAMOTO: I had more fun than usual. Or maybe I could relax emotionally because it was an important day for my senpais and there were many celebrations.

    TSUTSUI: I was happy to perform “Skirt, Hirari” with all the 9 3rd Gens who had just joined, and I worked hard to learn the dance.

    What senpai from HKT do you admire?

    TANAKA: Before I joined I admired Tashima (Meru) Senpai, but after joining I (also) admire Matsuoka (Natsumi) Senpai and Miyawaki (Sakura) Senpai. Tashima Senpai has great expressiveness both in the media and at the theater, Miyawaki Senpai is great at acting as I saw in TV shows, and Matsuoka Senpai is always gentle.

    TSUTSUI: Before I joined it was only Tashima Senpai, but since joining I also admire Goto (Izumi) Senpai and Okada (Kanna) Senpai. I'm really bad at make-up, but now, even this make-up I did with advice from Okada Senpai. Goto Senpai has a husky voice like me, but she is good at singing and I like “Kimi wa Pegasus” from “Nounai Paradise”.

    What are you looking forward to now?

    KURIHARA: The 3rd Generation will take part in the Kyushu 7 Prefectures Tour too, so I want to work hard so that a lot of people in Kyushu get to know us and we can then move on to the whole country.

    Please leave a final message for the fans.

    YAMAUCHI: We've just joined, but we want to be as assertive as our senpais. I think there will be both bad and good things, and the 3rd Generation will get over them together. I will be happy if we can bring smiles and energy to the fans.

    HKT48 3rd Generation. The youngest one is 12 years old and is on the 6th year of primary school. The oldest one is 17 years old and is on the 2nd year of high school. Among these nine girls, the biggest difference in height is 26 cm and they have broad personalities. Shortest member of the 48 Group at 138 cm, Yabuki Nako is the center of “Wink wa Sankai”, the HKT48 original song for the next AKB48 single. Tanaka Miku is the only 48 Group member from Kumamoto Prefecture, while Tsutsui Riko is the only one from Saga Prefecture. After their joining, HKT48 now features members from all prefectures in Kyushu except Okinawa.

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