Hotei Moka

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Hotei Moka
Kanji 布袋百椛
Kana ほてい もか
Romaji Hotei Moka
Nickname Hotechan (ほてちゃん)
Birth Info
Birthdate December 1, 2004  
Birthplace Flag of Japan.png Hyogo, Japan
Blood type O
Current Age 17 Years Old
Height 151cm
Professional Info
Agency DH
Social Networks Twitter / SHOWROOM / TikTok
Idol Career Info
Group AKB48
Team Kenkyuusei
Debuted May 2022 / 17th Generation
Lightstick Colors
Red Pink

Hotei Moka is an AKB48 Kenkyuusei.


  • Admired member: Mukaichi Mion
  • Charm point: Smile
  • Special skills: Drinking cola, Remembering the places she has been to so she never gets lost the second time she goes there
  • Favorite AKB48 song: Iiwake Maybe
  • Hobbies: Reading manga
    • Her favorite manga is Chainsaw Man
  • Her catchphrase uses Kansai dialect, as she is from Hyogo Prefecture in the Kansai region of Japan.
  • She has a habit of blinking quickly, especially when on camera.
  • She likes the song Hachinosu Dance. She listened to it during her audition period, and lifted her spirits.
  • She would like to perform LOVE TRIP, Moto Kare desu, Avocado Jane~shi..., and Hachinosu Dance someday.
  • She is known to drink a lot of cola and energy drinks. According to other 17th Generation members, she drinks 2 liters of cola a day and an energy drink every morning.



Team History

AKB48 Kenkyuusei
Joined AKB48 as an Kenkyuusei on May 4, 2022


Stage Units

KKS1 (Tadaima Renaichuu)
7ji 12fun no Hatsukoi

Media Appearances


Web Show

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