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AKB48 Theater Entrance
SNH48 Theater Interior

A theater (劇場 Gekijō) is one of the permanent locations where AKB48, SNH48 or a sister group perform almost everyday. Each of the current 48 groups has its own theater at a separate location. Performances at the theater are almost always a set of songs called a Stage, which can be original or a revival of a previous stage. The Team in a group often perform separate stages simultaneously.


AKB48, SNH48, and their sister groups have their own theaters in their respective base areas, and hold about two hours of theater performances consisting of singing, dancing and MC. Regular performances are held for each team, and a set list determined by 16 people per performance will be shown. Performances are 1-2 per day. It is held almost every day, changing the appearance team. Depending on the start time, it is distinguished from daytime performances, snack performances, night performances, etc. To see the performance, you need to apply at the ticket center in advance. Viewing tickets are sold for each performance, and those who win the lottery from among the applicants can purchase tickets on the day of the performance and enter the theater.

Theaters not only have a stage, they also have cafeterias, merchandise shops, rehearsal rooms, recording studios and some, like SNH48's theater, have dormitories for members.

Sakamichi Series groups don't have theater, nor do they perform stages. Also STU48, MNL48, AKB48 Team TP, AKB48 Team SH, CGM48, BEJ48 and CKG48 don't have a permanent theater, so they then perform in rotating leased enclosures. SGO48 and SDN48 didn't have its own theater either, the latter used the theater of AKB48.

Current Theaters

List of current permanent theaters.

Group Theater Location Activity Period Notes
AKB48 AKB48 Theater Flag of Japan.png Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan 2005.12.08 -
SKE48 SKE48 Theater Flag of Japan.png Sakae, Nagoya, Japan 2012.12.09 -
NMB48 NMB48 Theater Flag of Japan.png Namba, Osaka, Japan 2011.01.01 - Only 48g theater located underground
HKT48 HKT48 Theater Flag of Japan.png Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan 2020.11.02 - Also called NISHI-NIPPON CITY BANK HKT48 THEATER
They previously performed in a non-permanent theater
NGT48 NGT48 Theater Flag of Japan.png Niigata, Niigata, Japan 2016.01.10 -
JKT48 JKT48 Theater Flag of Indonesia.png Jakarta, Indonesia 2012.09.08 -
BNK48 BNK48 Theater Flag of Thailand.png Bangkok, Thailand 2018.04.26 - Also called BNK48 The Campus
SNH48 SNH48 Theater Flag of China.png Shanghai, China 2013.08.30 -
GNZ48 GNZ48 Theater Flag of China.png Guangzhou, Guangdong, China 2016.04.20 - Also called GNZ48 Theater & Village
  • All SNH48 Group theaters are called "Star Dream Theater" (星梦剧院 Xīng mèng jùyuàn)

Closed Theaters

List of theaters that were closed.

Group Theater Location Activity Period Notes
STU48 STU48 Theater Flag of Japan.png Setouchi, Japan 2019.04.16 - 2021.05.23 First theater on a ship
The ship was called STU48 GO
Closed due to impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic
BEJ48 BEJ48 Theater Flag of China.png Beijing, China 2016.04.20 - 2020.07.01 Closed due to impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic
SHY48 SHY48 Theater Flag of China.png Shenyang, Liaoning, China 2017.01.12 - 2018.12.31 Formerly known as SHY48 Theatre
Closed due SHY48 disbandment
CKG48 CKG48 Theater Flag of China.png Chongqing (Chungking), China 2017.10.27 - 2018.12.31 Closed due CKG48 disbandment

Projected Theaters

List of theaters whose construction was announced.

Group Theater Location Projected opening date Notes
MNL48 MNL48 Theater Flag of Philippines.png Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines TBA Under construction and is still unfinished as of 2022