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What is the origin of the 48 in the groups name?

It is said that "48" is derived from Shiba Kotaro, the president of office48, but it is not clear. It may also be because the original number of members was going to be 48. In the past, the system was based on 16 members x 3 teams = 48 members.

What is the origin of the 46 in the Sakamichi Series groups name?

Aki-p said that the number "46" was chosen as a direct challenge to AKB48, implying that Nogizaka46 would succeed with fewer members.

How many members are there in the 48 group?

In the 48 Groups, it was originally supposed to be 48 regular members. However, as 48 Groups continues to change, settings and rules have changed frequently, so there is currently no concept of "regular number of members". Since the number of people changes every day, it seems that the members themselves do not know the exact number

Why are there so many?

Aki-p said about the concept, "I see my graduation album at a friend's place, and I think that each person has different tastes, such as This child is cute! That's why we have a large number of members with various appearances and personalities so that fans can choose the type of member they like."

What does it mean that every 48g has teams?

See Team

What is a Kenkyuusei/Trainee?

A Kenkyuusei is also known as a Trainee. These members are not actual members of the 48 group yet but they are in training to become one. The management holds auditions for girls occasionally and the ones that are selected become the Kenkyuusei.

Usually the kenkyuuseis will substitute in for the current members in the group that are absent during the day of a her Team's stage performance.

What is a shuffle?

They are certain events where members are transferred to other teams or groups. Major changes are also announced, such as disintegration of groups, etc.

See Team Shuffle

What does it mean for each group to have a theater?

All 48 Groups have their own theaters in their respective base areas, and hold theater performances of about two hours consisting of singing, dancing and MC.

See Theater

What is the average age of members?

  • The average age of 48 groups in Japan (AKB, SKE, NMB, HKT, NGT, STU) is 20.0 years old as of January 12, 2022.
  • The average age of the Sakamichi Series 3 groups (Nogizaka, Sakurazaka, Hinatazaka) is 21.2 years old as of January 12, 2022.

As a general rule, the ages of members are announced, but all members of AKB48 Team SH, SNH48 Group and some Yoshimotozaka46 members do not disclose their ages.

See List of youngest members and List of oldest members.

Is Akimoto Yasushi making all the songs?

No, but he does write most of them.

Akimoto Yasushi writes the songs for the 48 Groups in Japan and the Sakamichi Series. The first song not to be written by him was Eien Yori Tsuzuku You ni of AKB48's 29th single Eien Pressure, where Okada Toshiya composed the lyrics. Some other examples are Nogizaka46 25th single Shiawase no Hogosyoku song Jaane. was written by Shiraishi Mai and Watarirouka Hashiritai 7 6th single Gyu was written by Caxias Shimada. A recent example is SKE48 Team S 6th Stage Ai wo Kimi ni, Ai wo Boku ni in which Akimoto did not contribute to any of the 16 songs.

Akimoto also does not write the original songs of the overseas sister groups like JKT48's Rapsodi, BNK48's D.AAA and CGM48's Mali, as well as the original songs of SNH48 Group.

What is the difference between CD Normal Edition and CD Theater Edition?

Regular Edition is commercially available and can be bought at shops nationwide. Theater Edition only be sold at theaters, usually comes with special benefits (individual handshake tickets, raw photos, etc.). Also, the Regular Edition comes with a DVD, and the Theater Edition only comes with a CD.

What is a general election (Senbatsu election)?

It is an election in which fans vote for members belonging to 48 groups in and select single selection members at a pace of almost once a year.

See Senbatsu Election

Why are girls under different management?

Agencies are continuously scouting the girls in the theatre. If a girl performs well enough in the theatre, shows talent, and gains enough popularity, the agencies will sign a contract with the girl. There are different types of agencies that help promote the girl's talents: acting, involvement in television, gravure, and singing for example. Agencies help AKB48 by promoting them to the general audience.

Is love ban really true?

See Love Ban and rules

Are there members who have been punished for not following rules?

See List of Members who were punished for violating rules

What happened between AKB48 and SNH48?

See AKB48-SNH48 split

What is a 2-shot?

A 2-shot is a polaroid picture taken with you and a member of the team. The member will then decorate the polaroid and you will receive it. You can win these through gacha prizes and other ways. 3-shot, 4-shot work the same way, except you can either bring a friend or choose another girl for a total of the number indicated, including yourself.

What does SNS mean?

Short for Social Networking Service, where the members interact with the fans.

See Social Networks

What do certain terms mean?

See Glossary, Sakamichi Series Terms and SNH48 Group Terms.

How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect 48 Group and Sakamichi Series?

See Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic