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CD+DVD (Standard Edition)
CD (Support Edition)

CD Information

Yuan Dongli (源动力)
Release Date
Label/Product Code/Price
Label: NineStyle Music
SNH1100000 (Standard Edition, CD+DVD) / 78元
SNH1100001 (Support Edition, CD) / 78元

Tracklist Details

  1. Yuan Dongli (源动力) / Senbatsu
  2. Xin de Lucheng (心的旅程) / Team SII
  3. Zhengyi zhi Shou (正義之手) / Team NII
  4. Shaonu Jinhualun (少女進化論) / Team HII
  5. Wo Xiang Dui Ni Shuo (我想對你說) / Team X
  6. Mami Mami Hong (媽咪媽咪轟) / Team XII
  7. Yuan Dong Li (off-vocal)
  8. Xin de Lucheng (off-vocal)
  9. Zhengyi zhi Shou (off-vocal)
  10. Shaonu Jinhualun (off-vocal)
  11. Wo Xiang Dui Ni Shuo (off-vocal)
  12. Mami Mami Hong (off-vocal)
  1. Yuan Dongli Music Video

Included Members

"Yuan Dongli"

Senbatsu (选拔组) (17 Members) (Huang TingTing Center)

"Xin de Lucheng"

Team SII (S队) (16 Members) (Mo Han Center)

"Zhengyi zhi Shou"

Team NII (N队) (16 Members) (Ju JingYi Center)

"Shaonu Jinhualun"

Team HII (H队) (16 Members) (Xie Ni Center)

"Wo Xiang Dui Ni Shuo"

Team X (X队) (16 Members) (Zhang DanSan Center)

"Mami Mami Hong"

Team XII (XII队) (16 Members) (Fei QinYuan Center)

General Information

Yuan Dongli is SNH48's 11th EP. It's the first EP which includes only original songs instead of covers from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 or HKT48 songs.


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