Zhao JiaMin

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Zhao JiaMin
Zhao JiaMin (December 2015)
Hanzi 赵嘉敏
Pinyin Zhào JiāMǐn
Nickname Savoki
Birth Info
Birthdate July 22, 1998
Birthplace Flag of China.png Guangdong, China
Blood type O
Current Age 25 Years Old
Height 166cm
Professional Info
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Idol Career Info
Former Group SNH48
Former Team Team SII
Debuted October, 2012 / 1st Generation
Graduated July, 2016

Zhao JiaMin was a member of SNH48's Team SII.


大家好,我是 S!A!V!O!savoki
Dàjiā hǎo, wǒ shì S!A!V!O! Savoki
(Hello everyone, I am S! A! V! O! savoki)


  • Special Skills: Dance, somersault
  • Hobbies: Dance, sports, travel
  • Former SNH48's Center and ace
    • Despite her status as SNH48's Center, she was often absent in SNH48's singles and promotional activities due to her high academic workload
  • Likes Oshima Yuko

SNH48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

SNH48 TraineeTeam UnknownTeam SIIZan Xiu
Joined SNH48 as a Trainee on October 14, 2012
Promoted to Team Unknown on April 17, 2013
Transferred to Team SII on November 11, 2013 (Team SII Formation)
Unoficially graduated from SNH48 on July 22, 2016
Temporarily moved to Zan Xiu (Hiatus) on July 30, 2016

Singles Participation

SNH48 A-Sides

SNH48 B-Sides

Other Singles

Albums Participation

SNH48 Albums


Seine River

Stage Units

RS1 (Give Me Power!)
Gomen ne Jewel
SII2 (Nagai Hikari)
Renai Kinshi Jourei
SII3 (Pajama Drive)
Tenshi no Shippo
Seifuku Resistance

Concert Units

SNH48 Blooming For You Concert

SNH48 Guangzhou Concert

SNH48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2014

SNH48 2nd Senbatsu Sousenkyo Concert

Solo Songs

Media Appearances



Zhao JiaMin (October 2015)
Zhao JiaMin, winner of the SNH48 2nd Senbatsu Election (2015)
Zhao JiaMin2015.jpg
Zhao JiaMin (May 2015)
Zhao JiaMin (January 2015)
Zhao JiaMin (2014)
Zhao JiaMin (2013)
Zhao jiamin.jpg
Zhao JiaMin (2012)