Manatsu no Sounds Good! (SNH48 EP)

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Standard Edition CD

CD Information

Manatsu no Sounds Good! (盛夏好声音)
Release Date
Label/Product Code/Price
Label: NineStyle Music
SNH001812 (Standard Edition, CD+DVD) / 308元
SNH002027 (Standard Edition, CD) / 78元

Tracklist Details

  1. Manatsu no Sounds Good! (盛夏好声音) / Senbatsu
  2. Kurumi to Dialogue (自我主张) / Team SII
  3. Kiss made Countdown (亲吻进行式) / Team NII
  4. Kaisoku to Doutai Shiryoku (眼神加速度) / Team HII
  5. Seijun Philosophy (清纯哲学) / Team X
  6. Manatsu no Sounds Good! (off-vocal)
  7. Kurumi to Dialogue (off-vocal)
  8. Kiss made Countdown (off-vocal)
  9. Kaisoku to Doutai Shiryoku (off-vocal)
  10. Seijun Philosophy (off-vocal)
  1. Manatsu no Sounds Good! Music Video

Included Members

"Manatsu no Sounds Good!"

Senbatsu (選拔組) (24 Members) (Zhang YuGe Center)

"Kurumi to Dialogue"

Team SII (S队) (16 members) (Dai Meng Center)

"Kiss made Countdown"

Team NII (N队) (19 members) (Yi JiaAi Center)

"Kaisoku to Doutai Shiryoku"

Team HII (H队) (16 members) (Zhang Xin Center)

"Seijun Philosophy"

Team X (X队) (16 members) (Yang YunYu Center)

General Information

Manatsu no Sounds Good! is the 8th EP released by SNH48


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