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AKB48 no Dobboun! Hitori Jime! (AKB48のどっぼーん!ひとりじめ!) is a mobile card and gacha game. It was released on on mobile devices on August 8th, 2020.


  • The player would receive a set of five cards.
  • The cards could have a colour (turquoise-club, yellow-diamond, red-heart and blue-spade), and either a number (2-10, Ace, Jack, Queen and King) or a Draw (+2 or +3) card.
  • The aim of the game is to be the first to get rid of all cards.
  • The player could lay down a card if it either matched the colour or number of the card that is currently on display; for example, if the current card was a diamond 4, the player could either lay down any kind of diamond card, or any other colour as long as it was a number 4.

Special Cards

  • The number 8 card would let the player choose which card the next player had to lay down.
  • The Queen card served as a reverse (changing playing order).
  • The Jack card served as a skip (the next player would have to wait another turn to play).


  • The player could pick their oshimen out of all currently active AKB48 members.
  • Players could play with actual members of AKB48.
  • For members' birthday, certain events would be held.

Eligible Oshimen

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